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My name is Sarah Arrow and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs improve their websites, blog better and generate more leads with just a few daily tweaks. And I can do the same for you.

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If you're a coach then you're in the right place to discover more about increasing your visibility, clicks and generating leads.


Victoria CasebourneEntrepreneur

Working with Sarah has been a total breath of fresh air. She gets down to business and knows her stuff inside out. A true expert in every sense of the word. As part of my blogging coaching she told me I needed to be on the Huffington post. She showed me what I needed to do. I followed her advice and after a grand total of three emails I was in and am now a very proud blogger for the Huffington Post. Sarah's knowledge and willingness to share made the whole process incredibly easy. I know without the insights Sarah shared there is no way I would have managed to get in as I wouldn't have known where to start!

How Sark e-Media Can Support You & Your Business

Get on Huff Po?

Need massive exposure of the kind a high visibility site can give you? Check out our training. So far our training has helped 100% of our clients achieve their objectives.

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You know and understand that the best advice is custom advice, so you want to work with me 1-2-1.  check out what I can do when we work together. Click Here

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Blog to Brand

For new and bloggers in their first year of blogging, Blog to brand shows you how to create a brand  to increase your blog's earning potentential

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Write my content for me... I don't have the time but I know the value, so please do my blogging for me. 

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With pleasure, we'll assume you know the purpose of your website, and your brand values. Book a call and tell us what you need and we'll work out a quote.

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Each month you'll gain access to an exclusive video, workbook, checklist and planners to help you with a particular aspect of marketing. Click here

I love to write and share my thoughts and ideas but I often get stuck about what to blog about! As I start a new blog to support a new biz direction, I will look to Sarah, as I have in the past, to help me get my blog off to the right start. My experiences working with Sarah have proven themselves worth far more than the investment. She simply knows her stuff and she knows blogging. If you want blogging results, Sarah Arrow is the only person I trust.

Yolanda FacioWeb Designer

Got Visibility?

Let Me Show You How To Make a Connection, Create a Lead Magnet That Works & Make Sales!

My name is Kevin Arrow, when you have increased visibility the next step is to leverage it. Whether it's making sales from your email list, building a connection with your subscribers or making sales, I can help you. Click the button below to get my completely free email marketing training. In 30 days you'll be able to grow traffic, great a great lead magnet, attract the right people and make sales from your subscribers (who'll love and adore you). What's more this is all sleaze-free.

  • For you the money isn't in the list, but your relationship with your list
  • You want to build trust, anticipation and connection to make money

If you're a small business owner  then you're in the right place to discover more about maximising your revenue so that you have a system where you can do less, to earn more.

Garth DelikanEntrepreneur

Follow the Arrows! Kevin mapped out a strategy with me to leverage my visibility and put it all together so that all I have to do is market it! It works like a well oiled machine and his Periscope training is legendary. My Scopes regularly get 300 viewers and it doesn't feel like work! The Arrows live and breathe authenticity and are great to work with.

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