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10 simple ways to use audio in your marketing

Got a smartphone? Then the chances are you listen to some audio using it. If you listen to audio, perhaps your customers do too.

podcasting tips 2Audio in marketing can be extremely effective; listening to a recording of something is often much more compelling than reading it. It also allows the listener to multi-task like type blog posts whilst listening to Stein on Writing. Many people are auditory, and find it easier to focus on the spoken word.

I have friends that listen to podcasts on the school run and whilst out jogging and I’m listening to Sol Stein on my Galaxy Note 10.1 as I type this post.

So if you think you can make a connection with your audience then let’s look at how you can make audio marketing work for you. There’s a right and wrong way to use audio, that should go without saying. You obviously don’t want to be the owner of one of those sites that blast music when someone visits it (unless you are a music site and you can be sure your visitor isn’t at their desk in their office….) Yes audio marketing can be a curse as well as a blessing! Here’s how to make more of it in your marketing.

1) Use audio to increase opt-ins

Often you can increase subscriber optins when you add audio to your lead magnet.  Talking about the convenience of audio on your opt-in page can dramatically increase conversion rates. It enables the subscriber to have the best of both worlds.

I’ve also seen and purchased from subscriber pages where the audio of the free ebook is an upsell. I’ve purchased. Others will too if you want to try it.

2) Use audio testimonials

Hearing somebody say how good your product is much more powerful than reading it. It makes more of a connection, better still create audio case studies around the problem and what the solution is, with your testimonial at the end. Some might find it advertorial but others will remember you in context with the case study.

3) Keep it short

Sales page audio? Then keep your audio two to three minutes or less. This is typically when people lose interest. However, you can obviously go longer if the audio is a recording of the product itself or a podcast. It’s only on your sales page that the audio should be brief.

4) Have an audio version of your product

Many people are auditory,  yeah I know the web loves visuals but they also listen. Customers would much rather listen to a recording of your product than read it – they can listen when driving, running – you try doing that with a book!  Offering  audio versions as well this will probably increase your profits as well as make the product more valuable to the listener.

5) Interview an expert

Find someone well known in your niche and interview them. Create a really strong interview packed with content or people will not find it useful and you’ve just wasted their time.

6) Do webinars

The web seminar has been on the rise for some time. Think of this as a one-way conference call. You can either have people attend it live or not. As long as you record it, you can then use that product as a bonus for your main product.  It also makes a great newsletter optin gift or a gift to loyal subscribers.

Webinars that are packed with content help build your reputation as an expert.

7) Teleconferences

For some people this is better than webinars for allowing interaction with those who attend the live event, because it allows them to ask questions and interact with the host. Webinars don’t allow interaction from the audience and most webinar services don’t allow you to unmute one person at a time for a better Q&A. When people get involved they will ask the most relevant questions and will most likely generate sales for you. Never underestimate the power of the audience to increase your product’s value.

8) Use cost effective software

Trust me when I say you don’t need to buy the most expensive recording software out there. A lot of people mistakenly believe they need the priciest application to get an effective recording, but this isn’t the case.

9) Have good sound quality

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t want it to be filled with background noise either. This applies to all audio no matter what it’s used for, whether it’s a short recording on your sales letter or the recording for your product itself.

10) Outsource your audio

Many people simply do not want to record for one reason or another. If that’s the case, there are a number of individuals as well as companies that will do it for you from voice over artists to podcasting experts. I have a project where all of the audio from sales page introductions to the hypnotherapy audio was all created by a voiceover artist.

The bottom line? Audio in marketing can be extremely effective for boosting your business. It helps build a stronger connection with your subscribers, make your products more valuable and it can be a lot more fun than typing :)


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