10 things you probably shouldn’t do on Facebook…

Super friendly, super easy to use but oh so easy to make a mistake! Yes, that’s Facebook.

  • If you lose your Facebook account it’s tough, all your family photos, all your contacts and all the effort you have put in over the years.
  • Many marketers and small businesses who come into Facebook with mindsets that work in other industries end up shooting themselves in the foot.
  • Working with Facebook users is not like working with other audiences!

Check out this slidedeck and then at the bottom of the post check out how you can grab a great free report

Report cover photo credit: woodleywonderworks


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Sarah Arrow

Blogging an issue for you? Social media not quite working how it should be?That's okay I understand. I started blogging back in 2006 and grew into a kick-ass blog coach as well as creator of Birds on the Blog (listed 3 times by Forbes as a top 100 website for women), I'm frequently listed as both a top content marketing expert and as an influential marketer.
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  1. Sarah,

    These are priceless tips! Each one should be followed. Facebook is a social site so be social…share, have fun, post your blog link, share videos and pictures – all great ways.

    The best is engagement. When we engage with others on this site, we are socializing. To me it is like walking into a party in slow motion.

    Someone says something, and you join in the conversation, you keep it going – others jump in. Its great.

    As for spamming…we have that good old delete button for those who bombard us.

    Thanks for the tips

    • Hi Donna, I agree we should engage, after all if we don’t what do we get? Another broadcast medium like the TV.
      I think it’s hard for people to remember that no one logs into Facebook on a daily basis thinking “hmmm, I wonder what offers people are going to pitch me today”.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom.

  2. Great tips Sarah, especially remembering to share.

    • I love using Buffer App, that enables me to share good stuff on Facebook with just a few clicks :) thanks for stopping by and commenting Lynn

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Engage persistently. Share value. Build your Facebook friend network. Connect with people by being sociable. Comment. Share your friend’s updates. Like. Prosper. Power tips here.

    Facebook grows your network like few other sites. You can connect with ease on FB, sending personal message, creating thorough, value-packed comments and joining groups relevant to your niche.

    Show up daily. Program people to respond to your value-packed message.

    Thanks Sarah!


    • Love your tips Ryan, thanks for adding them to the conversation. Showing up is half the battle won in no matter what you do on social networking sites :)
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    These are great tips! I love the slideshow!

    I’ll admit, I have deleted negative comments before. If it was something that I could engage with and respond to regarding business, then I would have. But flat out vulgar, negative comments don’t even deserve my attention, so I deleted it.

    Plus, I take everything to heart, deleting it allowed me to move on with my day and not look at it!

    Thank for the awesome slideshow!


    • I understand totally where you are coming from Christine, and your reasons why. In the case of corporate users they tend to have a penchant for deleting anything that doesn’t “fit” the brand ethos rather than addressing those comments. Glad you like the slideshow, I’m finding Slideshare pretty awesome at the moment :)

  5. For some reason this didn’t work for me. I clicked the Like but then couldn’t download the “10 things”, but I did end up putting it on Facebook. Oh my. Any chance you could email me the article? Hope it works for people who read it on Facebook. :) Thanks, Karleene

    • Sorry to hear that Karleene, the link appears directly underneath the box and it takes about 3 seconds to show. I will email you a copy across.

  6. Um….I seem to be getting a slidedeck from the Met Police all about counterterrorism…?? I’m guessing that’s not what I’m meant to be seeing..?!

    • Really? that’s not what I’m seeing. I’ll post a link direct for you.


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