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10 tools for editing graphics and images

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Today’s post is a little different – a slidedeck sharing 10 tools (some paid, some free) to edit and manipulate graphics, images and photos.

If you’ve been reading here for some time you’ll know how much I love Slideshare, it’s a great way of sharing your content and if you add links to your slidedecks they are clickable but enough about that, check out the slidedeck.

Why would you want to edit images?

Pinterest immediately springs to mind :)
You can find or take a great photo and add a little bit of text to it. It might just be adding a a (C) symbol and a web address. You might do it to the images you share in Flickr or other photo sharing sites.
Sometimes you need to resize an image. I often resize images from 3000 pixels wide down to 1000 pixels so I can upload them to the Birds on the Blog Facebook page.
The more you want to do to your image the more complex the tool you will need.  As well as the 10 tools listed in the slidedeck you can also edit your images via Google Plus, and I have to confess I find that quite handy at times.


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Sarah Arrow

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