10 tools for editing graphics and images

Today’s post is a little different – a slidedeck sharing 10 tools (some paid, some free) to edit and manipulate graphics, images and photos.

If you’ve been reading here for some time you’ll know how much I love Slideshare, it’s a great way of sharing your content and if you add links to your slidedecks they are clickable but enough about that, check out the slidedeck.

Why would you want to edit images?

Pinterest immediately springs to mind :)
You can find or take a great photo and add a little bit of text to it. It might just be adding a a (C) symbol and a web address. You might do it to the images you share in Flickr or other photo sharing sites.
Sometimes you need to resize an image. I often resize images from 3000 pixels wide down to 1000 pixels so I can upload them to the Birds on the Blog Facebook page.
The more you want to do to your image the more complex the tool you will need.  As well as the 10 tools listed in the slidedeck you can also edit your images via Google Plus, and I have to confess I find that quite handy at times.


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Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow started blogging to save a business and it worked! She created her first blogging challenge back in 2007, and is the author of many quick start marketing guides, turning Sark eMedia into a publishing business.

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sally - a couple of years ago

Nice selection of tools, Sarah.

A couple of others I use a lot are:

– iPhoto (especially on my iPad), which is surprisingly easy to use on the go
– Skitch for annotating pictures
– Jing for capturing screenshots and editing them

There are also plenty of really useful iPad apps for picture/photo editing too.
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    Sarah Arrow - a couple of years ago

    I loved Jing, but they are deprecating it so I’ve had to move across to Snagit. Sadly I don’t use Snagit as much as I’d like as it’s not got a “sunshine” in the centre of my screen.
    I’ll have to grab a guest post from you for all the ipad apps and what they can be used for :)

Cendrine Marrouat - a couple of years ago

Dear Sarah:

What a great article! I was just looking for that kind of info, as I can’t use Photoshop right now (my laptop is in the repair shop for I don’t know how long).

There are a couple of tools in the list that I am going to check out. I currently use PhotoFiltre, a French software.

I will add this article to my list of great resources for an article I am going to write very soon.

Thank you again!

    Sarah Arrow - a couple of years ago

    Hi Cendrine and thanks for stopping by,
    Is Photofiltre good to use? I’ve never heard of it. Drop by and leave me a link when you have done your article. I’d love to see what tools a creative uses :)

Keith Davis - a couple of years ago

Hi Sarah
A graphics editing tool is a must to resize and optimise those huge graphics down to something that will load quickly.

I did try Photoshop but never liked it.

At the moment I use Adobe Fireworks and I love it.

I have looked at Gimp, because it’s free, but I’ve never tried it.

What do you use?

    Sarah Arrow - a couple of years ago

    Hi Keith, PS is too complicated for me. Complicated images go to Kev to manipulate, he’s anal and does them perfectly.
    I use Snagit, I did use Jing Pro. I loved Jing…. Depending what needs doing I have been known to use MS paint or even the WP image resizer.

    I find as soon as I get a favourite, it gets taken off the market :(

Lydia Brown - last year

I have not mastered any photo editor. The ability to do this is what I would like I recently downloaded Jing and trying to figure it out just noticed you can do video with it. Great post Sara very informative.
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