3 Reasons why your blog posts are not converting #blogging

Blog Queen Circle 300x258 3 Reasons why your blog posts are not converting #bloggingWhilst chatting with a coaching client the other day, the topic of blog post conversion came up. She felt that her posts should be converting better and despite the wisdom and advice I was sharing, she felt there had to be a magic plugin that would make her blog posts convert into more sales.

There is no magic plugin, it’s down to you. It’s down to what you write. It’s down to what information you share.

1. Know the purpose of your blog post

Each blog post has a different purpose, some are created with the intention of gaining subscribers (if you like what you are reading here btw, you can subscribe at the end of the post or to read via email in the sidebar), others are written to express an opinion or share advice. Others are written with the express intention of generating conversation and Twitter shares. When you start writing your post you should know in your mind what the outcome from that post should be.

2. Write for your ideal reader.

Don’t assume that your posts are read solely by your ideal reader, they won’t be but you still have to write them for her. Search engine traffic will be your ideal reader searching for you, she has to recognise that the post is written for her. You can have several ideal readers but each blog post should appeal to just one of them and not all of them. If you appeal to all of them you will have one confused posts with a message that doesn’t read right to anyone.

3. Write deep, share your knowledge

Back in my recruiting days we called this demonstrating your capabilities, you may call it showing your expertise. It’s the same thing. There can be a fear of if you show all, that you won’t get any enquiries. Let me reassure you: it doesn’t work like that. When you show your expertise you build trust, you start to create a bond with your reader – you are demonstrating, in the most authentic manner that you know what you are doing.

Have you ever skimmed a sales / squeeze page and thought “hmm, that looks flaky?”. The lack of depth in the writing has not reassured you, not made you feel safe so you have skim-read and moved on.

Build the trust and your copy will convert better, trust me on that. You don’t have to be the best writer in the world you just have to show that you know what you are talking about. Write more knowledgeably and your ideal reader will become a customer. She won’t if she thinks you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Write more how-to blog posts,
  • Write more posts about why you do things a certain way,
  • Write about how you get results
  • Educate your readers so that they value you and share your words with their audience.
  • Share case studies of your clients
  • Share what you would have done in a topical scenario
  • Show examples

Don’t be afraid of the detail, it’s what wins you customers. If you write light you are presenting yourself as a flake. You deserve better than that.

Bonus tip – Add a call to action

  • Guide your ideal reader into taking action.
  • Lead them to what you want them to do.
  • Focus on one call to action per blog post.

Simple really, but all to often we forget the call to action or we leave it out because we think it’s selling. Guiding our ideal readers to subscribe, to share, to comment isn’t selling. Even inviting them to register attendance at a webinar isn’t selling. It’s extending an invitation and if you word it correctly you will be fine.

Examples of good wording (feel free to crib and adapt)

*Subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll send you 7 days of blog boosting advice all for free*Attend my webinar so we can show you in more detail how to blog better

*If you like this post, can you like it on Facebook too?

*Get a free copy of xxxx by subscribing here

You get the idea  :)

Of course you could always say attend my webinar and I’ll pitch high valued products after I have spent 30 minutes talking about myself …. but the truth is we know that kind of webinar is the kind that invites unsubscribes to your future webinars and hurts your reputation.

Look at some of your high traffic posts and if they are not converting, tweak the call to action. You may have to tweak it several times over a month but when you do hit upon the right call to action you’ll soon know it.

Blog posts are not carved in stone, you can tweak the call to action at any point. 50% of my searches here are about ebooks, I recently published an ebook about writing ebooks… you know the get it out of your head sharpish and onto the online bookshelves type of ebook. I updated the call to action on a few of the ebook related posts and guess what?  They are selling steadily and people are happy.

So there we have it, 3 reasons why your blog posts are not converting and one extra tip.

So go and implement one of these tips asap and let me know how you get on.

Sarah Blogging Sig 3 Reasons why your blog posts are not converting #blogging
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 3 Reasons why your blog posts are not converting #blogging
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 3 Reasons why your blog posts are not converting #blogging
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  1. says

    Hi Sarah, I love your point number 3 – demonstrating expertise. The first time you do this, you tend to get VERY worried that you are delivering “the keys to the kingdom” – both to potential clients and to competitors. The way I see it there are three types of people reading your posts – those who already know what you are talking about (your contemporaries), those who don’t but will keep Googling until they figure it out for themselves, and those who just want somebody who knows how to take care of it. Obviously the third category is the perfect client, but the second group quite often converts as well. Either way, demonstrating knowledge is what you do in face to face sales and your blog should do the same thing.
    Tony recently posted..Local SEO – a Case StudyMy Profile

    • Sarah Arrow says

      Hey Tony, thanks for stopping by and commenting :)
      Yes, I agree it can be a scary thing when you do that first post that demonstrates your expertise, but how else can you speak to your ideal clients and show them what you are capable of? You just have to take a deep breath and get on with it.
      Sarah Arrow recently posted..But isn’t haulage what you do Sarah?My Profile

    • Sarah Arrow says

      Hey Paula, thanks for dropping by :) I am a big fan of only writing what you feel comfortable with as that is better than writing nothing at all. For example I am happy to say “subscribe to my newsletter” but less happy to say “buy my ebook”, but my ebook is selling. I am happy to say take a look at the sales page but not so happy to say “cough up the cash this will change your life in a gazillion different ways”. I don’t think I could ever say that and mean it.

    • Sarah Arrow says

      Absolutely, it’s the most important metric I use – am I reaching my ideal readers? and if the answer is no, then I have to change and adapt until I reach them.

  2. "Tumble Trimmer" says

    Thank you to get a fantastic submit, since constantly actually intriguing details. Just like Lisa I fret in regards to the “selling” portion, nonetheless it doesn’t must be terrifying once you compose that in the great approach. Many thanks.

    • Sarah Arrow says

      If you guide rather than push your readers you have nothing to worry about. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. says

    I’m not sure when it happened or why, but today it seems, everything you do, write or sell MUST convert. It’s as if, if it doesn’t convert, you’re a huge failure. Some things are meant to consumned without converting to cash. I’m not convinced everything we do on the Internet has to convert.

    Having said that, there are many ways to convert, there are some common practices that are proven, each niche has its eb & flow.

    Sorry, it’s on my mind. Good piece by the way. I just think we need to keep perspective now & then. Cheers!

    • says

      Glad you got it off your chest Owen :)
      Conversion can be as simple as someone become a long term reader or as complex as making a sale. It can be as much as gaining a comment and starting a conversation as someone joining your newsletter, all are conversions. Some are just more valuable than others. I like the comments best, I’m shallow like that ;)
      Sarah Arrow recently posted..WordPress Video TrainingMy Profile

  4. Lisa says

    Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for the great tips! I also don’t like to do a hard sell. I really like your tip number 3. It’s important to gain a potential customer’s trust before they take action. Give the reader a solution to their problem and don’t hold back!
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge here, it’s been very helpful.
    Lisa recently posted..Using Google Keyword Research for SEOMy Profile

  5. says

    I found your blog today through a Facebook post in a group. I am so glad I found you. I subscribed and I am definitely coming back when I have time to read more. I love your post. I just started my own blog recently and I am hoping to learn more here about blogging for my own use. I have been marketing online for over 17 years, but I never really kept up with blogging until I started my new blog, I am now loving it. Have a happy new year!

  6. says

    Hey Sarah, it’s good to be here and thanks for that heads on…..I really do appreciate. :)

    Speaking about this post, I so resonate with it and even though it’s my first time of reading your work it feels like I’ve been reading it like forever.

    All the points you shared are all valid ones and I particularly love the 3rd point.

    Thanks for sharing it…..it will so help us all! :)


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