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5 things to do right now on your LinkedIn profile

Think you haven’t got time for LinkedIN?

Give it 5 minutes right now and see if it makes a difference to you and your business.

1. Add a Headline

Make a keyword rich headline describing who you help, and what you do. You have just 120 characters for this so think creatively!

2. Optimise your profile so it gets found in search engines

You have 1000 characters here, so plenty of space to describe your business, your ideal customers and talk directly to your ideal customer.

3. Optimise the website section so that you benefit  from being found in the searches.




A quick tweak here can make all the difference.

4. Get a custom URL for your profile




Whether you want to add your name, your keywords, make your public URL memorable and easier to be found.

5. Leave a recommendation

Increase the visibility of someone who has done work for you, leave them a recommendation and help them get found. Paying it forward is a a cool way of re-igniting a contact and starting a conversation.

5 things that make a difference – let me know how you get on.


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Sarah Arrow

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