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Have you found that spam comments are taking over your blog? Do you check your email to find comment notifcations from people telling you you are not found in Google, that you need Viagra, that you’ve written a great post but where is your RSS feed? Or is your comment section filled with comments like “great post”. Sometimes you get what seems like a  semi-intelligent spammer who will quote a piece of your blog post and then say how great it is… but it’s still spam.

Spammers leave ridiculous comments in the hopes of getting a backlink to their site when you approve their idiotic comment. It’s actually quite frustrating for a blogger, it’s a huge time sap constantly approving and moderating comments. Luckily if you chose WordPress as your blogging platform there are some awesome plugins that can help make spam comments easier to deal with.
1. Akismet (http://akismet.com/) is probably one of the most popular spam plugins for WordPress. It’s created by Automattic, the same people who created WordPress. Akismet filters both your comments and trackbacks for spam and will automatically delete them after 30 days. It’s not a free plugin for commercial sites (if you are blogging for business then you are a commercial site), it’s a very affordable $5 a month.
2. WP-Spam Free (http://www.polepositionmarketing.com/library/wp-spamfree/) also eliminates comment, trackback, and pingback spam. The WP-Spam Free plugin claims to be able to stop virtually every automated comment spam from bots. This plugin is free for both personal and business use.
3. WP Hashcash  (http://wordpress-plugins.feifei.us/hashcash/) is a plugin that deals directly with comment spam. This plugin works by using a javascript that confirms whether or not the commenter is using a web browser. Theory behind this being that spam bots do not use an actual web browser to leave comments. I’ve not tried this personally, but it comes highly recommended.
4. Bad Behavior (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bad-behavior/) is a plugin for WordPress that works at keeping your blog, forum, guestbook, wiki or content management system free from spam. Bad Behavior works a little differently from other anti-spam plugins in that it acts more of a gatekeeper. It has the ability to prevent spammers from even trying to leave a comment. This plugin will leave a link at the bottom of your site, which is a small price for a spam free blog.

5. Anti-Spam Bee (http://antispambee.com/) this plugin comes highly recommended by my friend Barbara Saul. If you read the download page of this WP Plugin it will tell you it protects you from digital rubbish. I quite like the sound of that :) It’s also anonymous – no forms or registration required to download.
6. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/) is a plugin that protects your comment form, blog registration form, and login form by requiring all users to type in a code before being allowed to continue. This plugin does allow trackbacks and pingbacks, so a separate plugin for that would be needed in addition to the SI CAPTCA Anti-Spam plugin. Personally, I’ll never leave a comment on a site that uses a captcha form, but other people will do so, so the choice is yours, check out the next plugin before you think about using the Captcha option

7. GASP / Comment Luv Premium – if you use Comment Luv premium you’ll know about GASP Plugin which is built in. This is an amazing little tick box that the spam bots don’t see. If the box isn’t ticked the comment isn’t allowed.  Comment Luv Premium also helps eliminate fake trackbacks – comments that say you are mentioned on their blog but when you check… there’s no link. Comment Luv Premium is a piad plugin, but it’s worth the investment. You can use GASP (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/growmap-anti-spambot-plugin/) as a free plugin on it’s own if you don’t want the other great things from Comment Luv Premium.

Using these plugins will help but nothing is 100% perfect. Some spam comments, trackbacks, or pingbacks will always make their way through. Unfortunately spam comments are here to stay and it your responsibility as a blogger to make sure they stay off your blog. Of course you can always use a commenting system like Livefyre to keep the spammers off of your blog – it’s extremely effective.

What anti- spam plugins do you like?


photo credit: hegarty_david

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