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Learning to Love LinkedIn

Talking in a group on Facebook, I found some accountability partners for my next project – Loving LinkedIn.
I have a few ebooks on the subject some from Lewis Howes, one from Matt Kimberley and some useful articles from other sites. So I asked who would be interested in going through the steps from the gurus and seeing what happened.

I found 20 people who like me were wanting to get more from LinkedIn and we formed three groups. It seems rather ironic that we are using Facebook groups to work through LinkedIn! We decided that the groups should have Apprentice style names…

  • Team KickAss
  • Team Awesome
  • Team Maverick

Latecomers to the group are all in Maverick (well that’s where they are most suited ;)) and each day I have posted up something for them to look at and put into action.

Day one – Our LinkedIn profiles

I have had my LinkedIn account since 2007, I have done nothing much with it so our first task is to revamp our profiles and check that they are up to date.

  • Postcodes – the area we live in or the area we want to work in
  • Our job titles – keyword rich
  • Our bios – are they talking directly to our customers and not all me, me, me, me?

We used this article as our guide – 10 tips for your LinkedIN profile.

In the Facebook thread we added our profiles so we could help and support each other. We also added our emails to the thread so that we could connect with each other. It’s surprising that we are connected to some people on Facebook but not on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn is about laser focused marketing it makes sense to connect up with each other.

Day two – listening to Lewis Howes

I know Lewis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I thought his videos were worth watching and his advice well worth acting upon. So for day two we looked at three 5 minute videos that showed us about Keywords and what to do with them. If you would like to watch these videos (and they are worth watching) then you will have to subscribe to Lewis’s list to get access.

Our next task was to list what keywords we were going to try and get found for.

To know how effective this is we needed to know how many times our profiles were being clicked on and how many times we are coming up in the searches. Single and low double figures were not uncommon amongst the group. Let’s how the keyword changes work. At the time of writing this I have no idea how many searches are carried out a month on LinkedIn. I guess I am going to do a bit of digging and work things out.

We also added our blogs, Amazon reading lists and other widgets to our profiles. I like this aspect of LinkedIn it allows us to create hooks for conversation. I suppose I should have mentioned at the beginning that we won a small and exclusive contract for our same day courier company through LinkedIn. It’s a well known family brand and that’s what sparked my LinkedIn curiosity – I am leaving money on the table it  appears. The hooks for conversation were how they found us.

Day Three – Double checking

It makes sense to check that we have everything in place and ready to go, so day three was recapping what we did on day one and two and seeing what else we could do to add a bit of polish to our LinkedIn profiles.

Already at this point some members of the group were struggling to keep up, so smaller easier to digest chunks of information are required.

The recap video is 45 minutes long and it’s by Lewis Howes and Laura DeMeo.

So that’s our first week over at LinkedIn.

Of course in true Apprentice style I now have to talk about what’s coming next week!

Next week Team KickAss, Team Awesome and Team Maverick will create a group, join a group and promote their group…


PS if you want to join in Team Maverick will be a good place to start before we surge ahead and you can’t catch up.

PPS are we connected? or should that be Linked? Sarah Arrow



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