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sarah arrowIt was almost like a dare…  At least I remember it that way and I’m sticking to my story.

My husband said, “Business is not so good, why don’t you get on that “computer” thing and get us some more clients.”

In 2007 my husband, Kevin and I were operating our same-day courier company, which served our local community. It’s a business we still owned and operated until 2014. But back then… we were struggling a bit.

The Internet was still pretty new as far as social media was concerned. Twitter was for the tech crowd. Facebook was for students. Google+ didn’t exist. But blogging, it was picking up steam. So I blogged.

Every week I sat at the computer and blogged. I blogged three times a week, without fail. I won’t say my blogging was any good, but it was effective, and within a month we were on the road back to thriving. Our courier company was back on its feet.

That was how it started.

Over the last eight years I’ve blogged, taken control of social media platforms, written books, launched magazines, won awards and most importantly I’ve helped others do the same.

There was clearly a gap that needed to be filled, so we’ve filled it.

Kevin and I created Sarkemedia.com so that we could help other small businesses…

  •  Optimize for search engines
  •  Get more customers
  •  Drive more traffic to their sites
  • Execute Marketing Action Plans
  • Create content on your behalf
  • And much, much more…

We know that if you’re looking for the best team to handle your web development and social media needs, you want results…

That’s what we deliver, results, plain and simple.

Sarah is great at explaining how to get the most out of social media through relationship building and her method to gentle nurture prospects and clients towards buying from you is simply genius.
Mo Yusuff , Promotional Merchandise

The truth is, blogging saved our business. My blogging and social media skills, along with Kevin’s attention to detail and passion for customer happiness, helped position our courier business as an industry leader. Our success helped us see that all business types could benefit from online and social media exposure.  It is the reason we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping other small business owners achieve similar results.

Along the way, my blog has been named, not once but three times, on the Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women – the only UK based website to receive the honour, as well as being listed several times by them as a top 10 lifestyle blog. We’ve had drinks with Tony Robbins and lunch with Guy Kawasaki.

But the best part for us is watching a new small business owner succeed and create a more profitable business.

Our Services

Our services are designed to help your small business create a better online experience. We offer the following:

  • Web site design and implementation
  •  Social Media Training
  •  Social Media Marketing
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Online marketing
  •  Blog Development
  • Online Training Programs

  • Content creation and development
  • SEO
  •  Design Services
  •  Copywriting Services
  •  Blog Writing Services
  •  Copy editing Services
  •  Social Media and Blog Coaching and Consulting

Our team is well versed in the business of online media. Each team member brings years of experience and know-how.

Whether you need to set up a WordPress blogging site, get help writing your sales page or have me, Sarah, wrangle your marketing efforts into shape, rest assured that you’ve come the right place.


Wow! In an incredibly short time Sarah transformed my website into a fully functional, search-engine friendly, fully sales oriented machine! She’s even ensured it is technodummy friendly too. I’m hugely impressed with her knowledge and abilities.
Lesley Morrisey , Inside News