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Sarah & Kevin Arrow's training is transformative for any business. ”
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  • Create and grow what truly matters online: The Sites You Own
  • Demonstrate your competence: The best way to gain new clients is to show them you know your business
  • Grow your confidence online by sharing what you wish to be known for!
  • Increase your visibility; it's time to stop being the world's best-kept secret.

About Kevin & Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow

Demonstrating competency is one of Sark e-Media's founding values, along with showing up and getting the visibility that you deserve. 

Sarah Arrow's an award winning blogger, Forbes listed for top websites and a champion of "lighting the way to show others"​

Kevin Arrow

Being visible is something that Kevin Arrow specialises in, from Periscope training and support to nurturing prospects via email.

Understanding how entrepreneurs think, and how to systemise what they do is his superpower

Recognition from other organisations

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Technology blogger finalist
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Putting You Back Into Your Business

The missing cog in your marketing... is you. When you put yourself back into it, your results will transform

Enchant Your Customers

Captivate and hold your prospect's attention and make them the right offers

Practical, Step-by-Step Guides

We're advocates of blogging and nurturing our lists. This means we blog and nurture our lists. We practice what we preach 

Unlock The Secrets of High Visibility

High visibility in your target marketplace. Be seen in all the right places, for all the right reasons

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