Active vs. Passive Selling on Your Blog

Geotargetting pluginI have some very lovely clients who help people with sales. Even though they all focus in different niches, their passion for helping and supporting their clients comes through in every single post that they write. I’d like to think I have something to do with that, but the truth is I just support and guide them technically, the passion is all theirs.

When it comes to selling on your blog there are two approaches – active and passive – and both have their advantages to your audience, and you just have to work out which method you’ll be passionate about!

The Active Approach to Selling on Your Blog

Active selling is something that bloggers in general don’t do enough of, for a variety of reasons. It could be that active selling isn’t part of their editorial calendar, it could be that they’re not sure how to sell on their blog. Whatever the reason, they’re missing out on helping their readers get great results.The active approach includes things like writing good, strong, authentic reviews promoting products with links to the product.

The Passive Approach

The passive approach is more about building a long-term relationship, and that can be done through the use of autoresponders and email marketing. Make no mistake, email marketing can also be incredibly active! The passive way is a great way when you’re first dipping your toe in the making sales from your blog pond.

Your Target Market

Recruiting the right readers is essential to making sales from any online activity. Know your readers well so that you can make the kind of offers they’re looking for. If you don’t drill down to reach exactly who you’re looking for, then your offers will fall on deaf ears.

Make It Personal – the one word that triples your sales

We’ve all had an email addressed to dear [[firstname]]  and promptly deleted it. But the good news is, that the sender was trying to personalise their message to you, and for one reason or another it went wrong. With the passive and active selling approach, you still connect with your readers on a personal level.

There are plugins that take this once step further like the geo-targeting plugin which detects the location of the visitor and greets them I’m not sure whether this is really smart or ultra creepy! However, that said, adding the visitors location to the page they’re reading is said to triple sales, and yes, I have this plugin… I’m plucking up the courage to use it :).

The Call to Action

Both passive and active approaches require a strong, clear call to action. Call to actions can be tough if you’re not used to making them. So I recommend practising them, and a good one to start with is subscribe to my updates. Okay, that may be a little blunt, and you need to polish it around the edges and make it something like “If you liked this post subscribing to my newsletter will be a good experience for you.” Tweak the wording until you have something that works, and remember you’re guiding the reader on what to do next, you’re being helpful.

Whatever your  approach to selling on your blog is you will still need make sure your content is unique and valuable to your ideal reader, and the very best content will be actionable. What will you take from this post and put into action today?


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Sarah Arrow

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  1. Hello Sarah,

    Great post. I like the progression of this article. Tis true that the call to action is not just important, but crucial and getting it right is key. However I’ve witness numerous times where there is no call to action or follow-up of any kind (which I have been guilty of on occasion myself) on blog posts, even reviews which is a missed opportunity. Thanks for the share!

  2. Tons of solid information here Sarah. It can be hard to ask people to join or subscribe to something when you first start out but just a quick PS or even your optin form at the end of each post can do the trick. I find that even asking people to share their thoughts and comments helps get more interaction on your blog.

  3. i feel passive selling takes the most time to set up but i suspect that the ROI is much bigger if done right. I’m terrible at email marketing and definitely need to put more focus in it but this post certainly shed some light on how i could use different methods. Thanks a bunch.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    As I was reading your post I immediately thought of many people who have active selling down to an art and the passive selling is left way behind. I hate to admit it but I used to be the worst at passive marketing as I hated sending emails period!

    I would only send informational, ‘light and love’ type emails, never one with a promotional link. I think I was afraid of rejection. LOL…someone might subscribe from my ‘money-making’ list! :)

  5. Geo targeting plugins sounds creepy, but I suppose it could be helpful, if done right. I am not sure whether using the name tags [[firstname]] is a good idea…because when I see that in emails, I usually have a bad feeling (maybe because I am a blogger..and I consciously realize that the message is automated).

    I think what people should try to do is more personalize without using things like that..telling a story might help the best (I have been trying this approach, and it has worked really well. About 75% open rate, then again, my email list is very small, just 11 subscribers as of now). Hopefully, it will grow (I am certainly putting more effort into that).

    Anyways, thank you for the tips, Sarah:) :) Appreciate it!


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