Better traffic? SEO for Bloggers

Better traffic is every blogger’s dream, right? 

Search engines are a terrific tool when utilised with your blog, but how exactly do you get better traffic? How do you get the search engines to send you the right traffic? Do you have any idea what your content looks like in the search engines and how can you improve each post?

Some people would have you think that search engine traffic is hard to come by, but it’s not. With a few tools you can optimise your blog posts with ease and get more search engine traffic naturally.

The tool I use and recommend is Scribe SEO, see the video below

More importantly Click here to grab your free SEO report and take a look at that, be assured that when you use Scribe your blogging will get better. My blogging improved and so did my husband’s blogging.

Using Scribe is like having an SEO expert looking over your shoulder, you’ll know when you are

  • So keyword dense you are unreadable
  • What keywords you are optimising for – hint what you write and what you rank for may be poles apart
  • Nudged to complete the meta description and titles correctly
  • Prompted to add links into your content for deeper linking
  • Shown who the influencers are for your type of content
  • And many other things…

Scribe helps you better traffic to your blog.

All from your WordPress Dashboard, convenient or what?
We all want more search engine traffic and when you use Scribe it becomes easier – the chances are you found this page via a search engine as it’s not in my main index of pages – that’s Scribe in action for you.

But most importantly Scribe never lets you forget that although the search engines are important, your primary customer is a human being and that you write for them first and foremost.

Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive

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