Need Blog Coaching? A Blogging Mentor? Blogging Support?

It can be overwhelming and confusing.

It can also be a powerful marketing tool. There are some excellent tools, techniques and methods available. All designed to help you generate more leads and win more business.

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr are just a few blogging platforms and then there’s microblogging… just to name a few.  So where exactly do you start?

Feeling A Little Overwhelmed?

You’ve come to the right place because our blogging coach and mentor, Sarah Arrow will steer you through all the fluff out there.  Sarah will direct you to the right tools for you. She’s not one for flapping about or filling clients with fluff. Sarah immediately goes to work to help you get the results you are looking for.

Here is a sample of the topics we can help you with:

  • Help with starting a self-hosted WordPress blog
  • Moving from Blogger to WordPress
  • Choosing the right plugins to achieve your blogging goals
  • Working out the right audience and marketing mix for your business blog
  • Creating a self-hosted WordPress blog (do it for me please)
  • Creating content for business blogs
  • Implementing content marketing strategies
  • Link building and a boost in the search engine rankings

Don’t see something you need on the list? No problem, just ask.

So let’s talk about how blog coaching and mentoring works.

Step one… Get in touch and book a session. Choose the 20 minute free consultation option.

Use one of the many contact forms that are on the site

This is important, it let’s you both know if you are able to work together.

 Step two… make a list of what you’d like to learn. Write everything down. Every single last thing related to blogging that you want to learn should be on the list.

 Step three… turn up for your scheduled appointment and share your blogging woes with Sarah. She’ll let you know what you can resolve straightaway (awesome instant results) and what things will require additional calls. She’ll then talk you through your blogging problems and their possible solutions.

 Step four… you ask any questions that you may have based on your conversation. Then, Sarah arranges to email you in a few days to see how you got on with the advice from your free blogging consultation.

 Step five… once you’ve got your initial strategies you can decide whether you want to generate more leads, make more money and get better results with your blogging. If so, then it’s time to book more blog coaching sessions and start getting more customers!

Sarah looks forward to speaking to you soon

20 minute consult

  • All consults are carried out via Skype and between 1-3pm GMT Monday to Wednesday.
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