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Blogging in a saturated niche  200x300 #Blogging: My niche is saturatedDo you ever think that blogging is a tough nut to crack and that you’d like to give up because the niche you are blogging is in saturated?

Do you ever look at your computer screen and feel overwhelmed by the fact that you need to get your content out there, but you’re afraid of being lost in the noise?

Do you ever feel like quitting blogging as it’s just too much hard work for too little results? If you do, then this post is for you…

Let’s look at what saturated is, in marketing and blogging terms of course. When a market place is saturated it means that enough of the product has been supplied, the market place has absorbed as much of it as it can.

Saturation: the act or result of supplying so much of something that no more is wanted.


Do you think your niche can no longer take any more of what you’re offering?

Okay, let’s be honest here. I think you mean you blog in a competitive niche rather than a saturated one. Does that fit better?

Of course it’s much easier to blame the market place for your inability to be heard because the alternative is to actually do some work, create something remarkable and be noticed because of it. Much easier to blame the market place, I know, because I have fits of despair and blame it on the niche I blog in too, and unlike some blog coaches, I actually blog in multiple niches. I have days when I look at the transport blog and feel like vomiting if I see another white van. Other days I can’t wait to share a tool or technique to add to your blogging strategy.

So let’s look at creating the type of content that’s outstanding and get’s noticed, even when it feels like we are yelling into a void.

Case Studies

Case studies are awesome. My G+ webinar is based on a case study, in the webinar I break down all the things a brand has done to get traction on Google Plus so the attendees can see what works and why. When you do this you demonstrate your expertise, you know all the variables, and you show you know what you are doing. Sick of not being heard? Then create content around your case studies, these may be videos, blog posts, slideshows, hangouts, you name it, and there’s the opportunity to do something fabulous with it all.

And you don’t just stop at creating your case study in one format. In my blogging webinar :Overcoming blogging failure I cover how to repurpose your content and how to schedule it so you get maximum traction – and this invokes the power of repetition.

Content Repurposing

Re-purpose your content into multiple formats. Not only will you discover what works best in your niche, you will become quite skilled at turning one articles into several great pieces of content meaning that your time is used more efficiently.

Tools that I love for this include SoundCloud and SlideShare.

Curate Stuff.

Museums organise their artifacts into collections. Curate; collect some of your best content and format them into new posts and include other people’s content in order to get the maximum depth to a topic. You can read more on why you should bother with content curation here.

Trust me when I say the niche you blog in is not saturated.

If you come at blogging from an abundance mindset you’ll know that there is enough to go around. You won’t need to employ cheap tactics, you won’t copy what other people are doing you’ll be your own original self, and that’s when you will start to stand out and to shine.

Many bloggers can get quick results, but you have to compare like with like if you have to compare at all.

I tell my clients the only person they are in competition with is themselves. The only person they have to beat is themselves and the only person that can get them better results than they have already is…

When the overwhelm becomes too much you can always do several things to alleviate the pressure on you:

Blogging can get overwhelming at times, and niches can become incestuous. But don’t give up. Seriously, don’t abandon your blog just because the going is a little tough. Don’t quit because you didn’t choose a niche with little competition, take heart in the fact that when you blog in a saturated niche that there are customers there to be won and money to be made. You just have to keep going.

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pixel #Blogging: My niche is saturated
 #Blogging: My niche is saturated
Blogging an issue for you? Social media not quite working how it should be? I started out as a transport blogger for a same day courier company, and grew into a kick-ass blog coach as well as creator of Birds on the Blog (listed 3 times by Forbes as a top 100 website for women). You want your blog to make a difference, so subscribe here and stay in touch, my updates will help you connect the dots.
 #Blogging: My niche is saturated

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  1. says

    Repurposing content is something that works great in any niche :) I’ve tried it and it works great. I’ve repurposed blog posts to pdfs and granted them upon tweeting, I have converted blog posts to videos, Slideshares etc. The thing with repurposing is that you can give your audience variety, so that they don’t get bored and you can reach a wide variety of audience in different platforms as well.

    Thanks for sharing Sarah!
    Jane recently posted..GeoEdge Review: What’s In It For Us?My Profile

  2. says

    That’s exactly how I used to feel. I looked at blogs from other German teachers and wondered whether there was any point in writing my posts as those blogs were already written so well. Then I realised that I write differently and also that my followers don’t necessarily read those others blogs. So now I’m not worried anymore. I write my posts how I want to write them and I get more and more readers who like what I write – success!
    Angelika recently posted..Practise your German grammar with a free smartphone appMy Profile

  3. Jeevan Jacob John says

    Agreed, Sarah.

    What’s life without some competition? Competition forces us to be better, and healthy competition is always essential to growth. Sure, it is hard to stand apart in a competitive or saturated niche – take blogging niche for example. Lot of bloggers write about making money online, starting business and so forth. Not all of them succeed. Vast majority of them quits within the first few months, the rest learn and strive forward.

    I think the problem is looking for absolutely “unique” ideas. We can’t do that. The chances of coming up with absolutely unique ideas is very low. Everyone is writing about the same thing, but people present it differently; a different perspective on the same topic. Presentation is what matters – our tone, use of examples and stories (personal stories are great, aren’t they? I am not particularly good at personal stories..I am working on that, though :D).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Sarah! Appreciate it :)

  4. says

    I get it, I really do Sarah, but I will admit that it has stretched my brain to try and find ways to stand out in the crowd of personal growth blogs. I’ve checked the categories covered by each of those I consider the “competition” so that I’m not covering the same ground, and I know what each of them do to attract subscribers. But I’ve decided to follow my own advice and stop focusing so much of my attention on what they are doing and drill down into the niche a little deeper. So by the end of this year my focus on the blog will shift to focusing on issues specific to cultivating resilience. That’s been my “thing” since the beginning, and my book on resilience is my best seller, so the goal is to become known for that. Ha! This is the first time I’ve shared that and it sounds so logical now that I put it out there it makes me want to slap myself upside the head!
    marquita herald recently posted..How to See People For Who They Truly AreMy Profile

  5. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Many thanks for your great post :) It comes down to really understanding why you are blogging, and what you hope to gain from it, doesn’t it. There will be days when you wonder why you put yourself through the extra work, but unless you are passionate about the why, it will be easy to fall at the first hurdle.

    Keep going and keep your focus on the goal.
    Anita recently posted..When you are met with a blank screenMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Sarah,
    thank you for you insights and suggestions on this subject.

    What amazes me is that even there are so many books out that write more or less about the same self help tips, each author says it in a slightly diffetent way.
    We all have our unique way of expressing something and it may just be what resonates with another person.
    So, even there is a plethera of information on the same subject, our content may just be the missing piece for someone.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise!
    Yorinda recently posted..It is All done for UsMy Profile

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