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blogging pop-upWe love business blogs,  and if you have heard me chat about them at an event and would like to know more, you are in the right place.

Our business blogs get found for all kinds of reasons and they often lead to

  • Increased blog/website traffic
  • Increased email newsletter sign ups
  • Better online visibility – more people and more customers finding you
  • Customers booking you
  • Existing customers sending you referrals

Business blogs can be used for a variety of things

  • Lead generation
  • Data capture
  • Establishing expertise
  • Making your business the focal point of your community
  • Promoting your customers

What’s in it for you?

Smarter marketing of your business – shows you keep up with the times.

Statistics show a business with a blog gets 55% more traffic to their site than businesses without one.

  • Grow your readers
  • Help them become subscribers,
  • Help them become advocates of your products.
  • Your business blog works 24/7, it works when you don’t, it can filter and advise customers
  • Push your company into the spotlight with a up to date articles

You have the keys to a powerful content management system. You can easily upload your own content without going through your webmaster.

Basic Business Blog

You want your business blog to be a little sexier than the average blog? A little sleeker? A premium theme (like this one) social icons added and Analytics installed (and explained to you). And a plugin that will help you generate awesome headlines for every single post and page?

That’s just £395. It takes again 3 days and can be customised to have your own headers and logo’s installed giving you a more professional look. You supply the headers and logos, and if you don’t have them, don’t panic it’s not essential (and if you think it is one of our designers will give you a quote for them).

Better Business Blog

If you love Lisa Parkes’ blog, then you want a better business blog. That’s a premium, all singing all dancing showcase of my WordPress website creation skills. That costs £795 and comes with premium plugins and advanced customisation. Theses take a little longer to complete but as you can see are well worth the money.

There is a 7 day turnaround on these WordPress websites.

Full WordPress website management system – Like Premium blog set up, email captcha, autoresponder and all the social icons in place and feed nicely to your other social profiles. You write the posts and your back blog office is looked after by me. Start up £995 for the WordPress website, and then £395 a month thereafter. Link building to your posts, SEO optimised content – all that stuff is taken care of by me. Never be bothered by an upgrade again, and if you lose the blog site, it will be restored to back up swiftly. If you want to blog and forget about it, then this is for you.

Reminders for your newsletter, ideas and other content suggestions sent and a weekly call to help keep you on track. This is the most comprehensive service that I provide. Your blogging knowledge will grow and so will your traffic, leads and opportunities. This option is assistance, support and coaching all rolled into one package.

Already got a WordPress blog? Just need a revamp, premium theme and a tune up? Prices start at £149

Get in quick, just ping me an email and we can get going – tell me what you want here and I’ll send you a paypal invoice. When your funds are cleared we’ll get your new look blog across to you.

Sarah Arrow?  Sarah Who?

I have contributed to the following blogs, all with 100,000+ subscribers.

  • Laura Roeder
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Blog Herald

I’m also the author of lots of marketing books – you can find them on Amazon

I  manage multi-author blogs such as Birds on the Blog and have a publishing network of 5 other multi author blogs. That means I help over 100 bloggers each week make the most of their blogging. I also coach 4 clients a month via the Zero to Blogger program. I am definitely the right person to help you get your WordPress website started, and can guide you how to reach the next levels.

20 minute consult

  • All consults are carried out via Skype and between 1-3pm GMT Monday to Wednesday.
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