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Boosting your blogging income – repurposing content

Boosting your blogging income repurposing content

This is part 6 in a 10 part series on boosting your blogging income. If you like this post you will also like the blog coaching webinar to avoid blogging failure. In case you missed them, here are the earlier posts –

The content on your blog isn’t locked there forever and it doesn’t have to stay exclusive to your site. If you’ve been blogging for some time you’ll have archives full of original, high-quality posts and these can be monetised.

You can do lots of things with your blog content –  repackage and reuse posts for lead generation (free reports), use them for free giveaways, or they can form the base of information products you can sell. But let’s overcome the main objection first…

Why Do People Pay for Free Content?

Let’s get the objections out of the way… We discussed this in a Facebook group last week– If your old blog posts are free and available online, why would anybody pay for them? Your repurposed products offer a serious advantage. They make it easy to find all the information in one place, people pay for convenience, it’s why you use the more expensive corner shop for a pint of milk over a cheaper supermarket. It’s why you don’t have a cow in your back garden.

Your readers don’t have to search through old blog posts to find what they’re looking for or search through their bookmarks. By putting your information into a new, easier to digest form, you save your readers time. Anything that gives people more time is of  great value.

Readers come and go from your blog all the time, and you never quite know what they’ve read and what they haven’t, and yes you can deep link to older posts but that doesn’t mean they will read them. New readers can be attracted to your blog through your re-purposed content and it’s a great way of them “catching up” with all your content in one place.

Let’s take a closer look at re-purposing your blog content:

  • Reports. Take a group of blog posts on a common theme and combine them into short reports that you can give away free for lead generation. A free report that covers a group of related topics is a great incentive for people to sign up to your list.
  • Ebooks. This is the same approach as for reports, but an ebook is longer, more detailed, and contains a table of contents, cover etc. A bit more structuring is involved, but you can sell your ebooks through your site or through Amazon’s Kindle store. (Note: You’d must add to the posts to put them on Kindle since Amazon doesn’t allow content that’s already freely available online.)
  • E-courses. Take several blog posts on a common topic or problem and turn each into a ‘lesson.’ You can add value to your e-course by creating activities, worksheets, and chapter summaries. This is a valuable tool for you and your reader – it helps them put into action the strategies that you share, so they can get the best possible results.
  • Podcasts. Create audio files where you read content and expand upon it. These can be submitted to podcast directories or added to information products for increased value.
  • Videos. Use your blog posts as scripts and create videos to post on YouTube. Video production is easy; you can film yourself talking or make a simple slideshow using PowerPoint.
  • PowerPoint Presentations. Turn your old blog posts into PowerPoint presentations. Put them into a logical sequence and use written content from your posts to make slides. Then share these slides on one of the sharing networks, such as SlideShare.
  • Cheat Sheets / Quick Reference Guides. Take the information you’ve blogged about and make simple, easy-to-digest, one-page reference sheets for your audience. These are nice supplements for e-courses and videos.
  • Infographics. Infographics are extremely popular. You can use the text from your blog posts and turn them into infographics using free online infographic creation programs such as PiktoChart and Infographics make excellent social media content and can often go viral as they are incredibly shareable.
  • A combination of the above makes a great product to sell and will come in formats that your reader can relate to best.

But how are we boosting our blogging income if we are giving all this away?

You are not giving everything away, in your free reports you can include some affiliate links that are relevant to the reader. You can have a call to action that promotes your services, and of course, you can have a special offer just for readers of your free report.

You can partner with You Tube and show Google Ads on your videos. If you create a lot of videos this could provide a steady stream on income. You might find the Videos make a great course and unlist them and distribute them via email as a paid option.

You can use a tool like EQM to create a paid membership site and share your re-purposed content there.

Of course, you can reach out to those with membership sites and offer them the content – membership sites suck up a lot of time and content, so if you have something really useful then you can use this technique to expand your audience.

Podcasts and radio – you get a feel for what’s popular and you can take the audio and add the worksheets and within a few hours you have an additional product to sell, and this can be the upsell in your free giveaways.

Don’t Be an Idiot with Your Repurposed Content

It’s completely ethical to reuse your old content. But there are some guidelines…

Avoid offering the same content to the same people. For example, use your repurposed free report to draw new readers to your blog don’t offer it to your current readers as a promotional offer. Yeah, I know it’s obvious but there’s always one that will try it.  Your reader may have read the content already and you’ll look silly. I know, because I did it. I’m lucky my readers are very tolerant of my experiments to find out what works and what doesn’t…

The best way to use re-purposed content is to reach new audiences. So create videos and add a link back to your blog in the description. Create a slide deck and only have it on Slideshare, invite those who view your slides to your blog.  Expand your free report and invite your subscribers to forward it to a friend.

Set up a radio show on Blogtalk Radio, just like video, your posts form an excellent script and of course you are free to explore tangents as you speak. Try out podcasting using Remember your audio should contain a call to action as well :)

If you guest post, offer a free giveaway as part of your bio. Invite other bloggers to share your free reports with their audience, if you are in compatible niches this works incredibly well.

Adapt your blog posts and upload them to Scribd. Get an account at and offer the reports as free downloads with your articles.

Distribute the reports via Twitter as a gift without the need to optin. Offer them in niche Facebook groups, again as a gift rather than boosting your list – new readers are always worth having :)

If you’re offering repurposed content to the same audience, update it in some way so that it’s fresh and provides new perspectives that that your reader or viewer hadn’t thought of before.

Make it worth reading and sharing.

And if you share this post via the box below I have a lovely report for you…

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