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There's a growing trend for female entrepreneurs to share their money story online. It seems there are a lot of women who have problems with reconciling their cash and their wealth, and they want to work in a manner that's good for business and good for their soul.

Meet Sarupa Shah, also known as the Soul Agent

In September 2012 Sarupa decided to set up her blog on WordPress. She'd blogged for sometime using a free site, but she wasn't using any particular strategy for herself beyond guest blogging and regular contributions. She realised that she needed her own platform in addition to her own website.

“I used to think I was a blogger because I wrote an article when the mood took me. Then I would be rather disillusioned as nothing happened, hardly anyone came to read it, and I had no idea what to do. I wasn’t setting the world on fire like I dreamed I would!.

Sarupa Shah
Soul Agent

We set about exporting Sarupa's existing content into a shiny new WordPress website and defining some goals for the blogging aspect. Initially, we decided that Dynamik was the most flexible for what was needed;  the power of the Genesis framework and the flexibility of the EZ widgets meant that the home page of the site could be configured in multiple ways until we hit upon the one that Sarupa loved the most.  Dynamik's design settings also meant that Sarupa could change fonts and design whenever she wanted too, she didn't need someone to manage the process for her.

We used the branding from her website and the colour scheme from there to make it familiar for visitors who read and use both sites, rich and vibrant purples and golds, with images of Sarupa in the optin area and the header.

Sarupa header Case Study: The Soul Agent Blog

For data capture we explored WP Subscribers. At first this worked really well, but the settings started to limit what we could achieve with the site so we decided to move to Optin Skin. Not only would we have a customisable pop-up but detailed analytics to see its effectiveness.

The pop-up was then connected to Sarupa's Mail Chimp account, and an autoresponder planned - see the video further down.

With all the old content now imported the next step was to optimise it using WordPress SEO, add new, fresh images and tag the content correctly. This was done over several weeks. We then looked at the keywords and the categories.

Keywords and phrases are something that I like to be done in a specific way, a blend of popular phrases and less popular phrases. Using this strategy you can have some short term wins, and then some long terms gains.

The next step was to look at the blogging goals that we'd defined at the beginning of the process, and one of those was to extend Sarupa's reach. Sarapa's smart enough to know that blogging alone will not help her get to where she wants, so she also retained the services of Inspired PR to help her. The next step in her positioning strategy was to get some books up onto Kindle so she could reach new audiences that are interested in money, affirmations and heart-centred entrepreneurship.

Fortunately Sarupa's a prolific writer, well versed in her niche, so creating content that fit her strategy as well as getting 2 books onto Kindle was not a problem. Each book positioned her as the expert she is in her niche. The first book, the Art of Affirmations, was downloaded over 500 times in a weekend and took the top spot in its category.

The second book, The Heart Centred Entrepreneur was downloaded over 2,000 times in its release weekend, again taking the top spot in it's category. Success is not an accident.

Meanwhile back on the blog...

Within three months of moving to her WordPress site Sarupa had won two awards for her content. Visitors had started out at zero and built up to 1,000 a day. With her affirmations being some of the most sought after on the web.

Time to diversify the content and engage more people - Sarupa created her first infographic with great success, and then moved onto using You Tube more and Glossi to extend her reach. She also added a meditation store so she could sell some great meditations to her audience, not surprisingly these are also very popular. The Meteor Slides plugin was added for all the press mentions and award badges to be showcased in the footer and the sidebar. A press and media section was also added. 

Dreams starting to come true!

A post caught the eye of a publishing company, and conversations started to take place about how they could work together. More guest blogging opportunities arrived, and her content started to get syndicated by much bigger sites, increasing her visibility. less than a year of working with Sarah my blog has won 2 awards, gets about 2.75k readers a day (and growing), I get guest blogging opportunities. The media opportunities are endless as my content sells me, my brand and work. Clients come to me, which makes being in business a pleasure as my work is my greatest advert! 

Sarupa Shah 
Soul Agent

A few weeks ago, we learned that Sarupa was going to be featured in The Sunday Times newspaper. So we decided to give the blog a different look, one that would be sleek and appealing to the readers of that newspaper. 

We looked at several themes, including Millienium for Dynamik, but sadly Millenium was created for Catalyst Dynamik and not Genesis Dynamik, that meant aspects of it needed to be hard-coded to get the look that we needed, and we didn't have the time to do this. We returned to StudioPress and Sarupa fell in love with the Beautiful Pro theme.

Beautiful Pro is mobile responsive, HTML 5 compliant and simply beautiful. We added a custom header, her logo and streamlined her site.

blogging case study Case Study: The Soul Agent Blog

The next step was to alternate the comments colours by adding some code to the stylesheet and amending Optin Skin so it fits the new look. The end result is a serene website filled with positive energy and gorgeous white space meaning the site is more visually appealing than ever.

If you want to reach millions more people, be seen as an authority and get serious about your writing so you can get your message out in the world while becoming social media and internet savvy then hire Sarah. Sarah has taught me how to purpose my work and position my writing so it makes the impact I always wanted it to.

Sarupa Shah
Soul Agent 

Customising Beautiful Pro wasn't difficult and as Sarupa's become more proficient at blogging she's started to do more of this herself.

The final step for the Soul Agent Blog was the welcome video. When you arrive on the main page you're greeted by a video that explains how to get the most from the site, where to optin, where to find the most valuable content and it's a video of Sarupa herself, so she makes a powerful human connection with her visitors.

When we started out working together, I had no idea how cut-throat her niche was, but with planning and hard work, Sarupa has gracefully rose to the top of her niche whilst developing many opportunities for herself. 

pixel Case Study: The Soul Agent Blog
 Case Study: The Soul Agent Blog
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 Case Study: The Soul Agent Blog
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    As a fan of Sarupa’s writing it’s wonderful to read about the evolution of her beautiful blog. No surprises as far as her success, at the same time I can see how having an expert such as yourself along for the journey has contributed significantly. Having had the pleasure of following you both online for some time I have to add how fun it is to hear you both speak – love the accents. :-)
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