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How consistent blogging will benefit you and your blog

Ever visited a blog and found it hadn’t been updated for ages? How did that make you feel? Imagine how it makes the blog’s author feel? Chances are they are either unaware or really embarrassed

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The Curse of PBT (aka Pre-Blog Tension)

Do you ever get PBT? Some might think PBT is peanut butter on toast. It isn’t. It’s something that affects every writer and blogger – Pre-Blog Tension. It’s where thinking and blogging disconnect. The

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10 WordPress Plugins for Coaches and Lifechangers

You want to change lives, help people make transformations and live the life of their dreams, and somewhere on your journey, you discovered that your website is like a toddler who's not quite potty trained.

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How to Avoid Deceptive Words in Your Blogging

It’s important that the claims you make in your blog posts about your business deliver on their promise. This is essential for gaining your customers’ trust and retaining their business as

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Blog Writing Challenge: From Meh to Marvellous in 2 Weeks

Change happens in the heartbeat that you decide to make it happen. This means you can improve your writing very quickly when you decide that’s what you want to do. As you all know I’m a writer

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Closing Your Blog Posts So they End With a Bang

(and not a bluster) Your conclusion is often the most remarkable or memorable paragraph of your entire blog post. Like a lawyer’s closing argument, your conclusion needs to tie together everything you’ve

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The 21 signs that show you have a fatal blogging addiction

Are you addicted to blogging? As with all types of addiction there’s non-chaotic addiction and then there’s “Oh My Gosh I have to write another post or I’ll just die… or scream…

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Don’t puke on my blog bro…

Today we’re going to talk about something gross. If you’re not up for it, I suggest you leave now, but if you think you can make it through the muck and mire, and make it out on the other side okay,

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You can’t be Darren Rowse and Perez Hilton at the same time!

Indeed you can’t, and you most certainly can’t market to everyone. This post is a long overdue review of my friend Ryan Biddulph’s book “Blogging from Paradise How to Retire to

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The first graduates of the 30 day blogging challenge

This week has seen the first graduates of the 30 day blogging challenge. I’m like a proud mother hen, clucking around Facebook sharing how the challengers have got on. So I thought I’d be entirely

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