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The first graduates of the 30 day blogging challenge

This week has seen the first graduates of the 30 day blogging challenge. I’m like a proud mother hen, clucking around Facebook sharing how the challengers have got on. So I thought I’d be entirely mother hen here today and share with you their posts http://www.scatterthestones.co.uk/how-do-you-define-success/ is from Anita Hunt. Anita was one of the […]

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Differentiating a Blogger from a Journalist

Blogging has become one of the most popular online activities in recent years. Just about everyone has learned how to establish a blog, from housewives to professional SEO company owners to Internet marketers. And one of the debates that have arisen from the activity’s popularity concerns the similarities and differences between a blogger and a […]

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#Blogging: My niche is saturated

Do you ever think that blogging is a tough nut to crack and that you’d like to give up because the niche you are blogging is in saturated? Do you ever look at your computer screen and feel overwhelmed by the fact that you need to get your content out there, but you’re afraid of […]

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