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Category Archives for List Building

Confessions of a reluctant list builder…

Although I’ve been online for what seems like forever (at least it feels that way to me), I’ve not always built my email list. In fact the first 11 years I was active, I actively shunned list-building…

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12 ways to provide engaging email content

I’m all for sending engaging email content. Something smart, amusing or useful will always get opened by me, and quite often saved and if it’s blog content, I tend to share it too. In other

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The Art of Email Copywriting

Most of us are drowning in email, and only messages that stand out from the rest are able to draw our attention. If you’re drowning in email, it stands to reason that your ideal customer is also

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7 Elements of an “open-worthy” Email Subject Line

Email subject lines are just as important as a blog post headline. Here are 7 elements that will help your emails get opened. If you find this infographic handy, please pin it to your email marketing

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How to build trust to gain an email address

Once again this week I find myself defending the use of a pop-up email capture on my blog sites. I have been sticking to my usual mantra – blogging is a business and not a charity, no one forces

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Email Reactivation: Subject Lines and Subscriber Habits

According to, email open rates are highest in the first hour after they land in the recipients inbox. With 23.63% of all subscribers opening emails within that time. The rate declines

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Why I fell out of Love with Aweber

I’ve been a big fan of Aweber, and until now they’ve been the only email provider I’ve used. I dabbled with MailChimp for a while, but I found it overly complicated and something just clicked with

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Marketing: How Often Should I Email My List?

How often should I email my list is one of those frequently asked marketing questions to which the correct answer is… How long is a piece of string? Yes, you’ve guessed it there is no right

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What Are the Best Types of Subscriber Opt-in Offers?

Can you imagine walking down the street, minding your own business but still browsing the merchandise in the shop windows… when a stranger approaches you and asks for your business card. And you

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10 Email Marketing Tips [images]

Email marketing is common sense mostly, but as my friend Linda Mattacks would say; Common sense is not that common any more. So I thought I’d present to you 10 email marketing tips in a more visually

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