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Category Archives for Email marketing

Why I fell out of Love with Aweber

I’ve been a big fan of Aweber, and until now they’ve been the only email provider I’ve used. I dabbled with MailChimp for a while, but I found it overly complicated and something just clicked with Aweber. Back in the summer things started to go wrong. I can’t put my finger on what went wrong […]

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10 Email Marketing Tips [images]

Email marketing is common sense mostly, but as my friend Linda Mattacks would say; Common sense is not that common any more. So I thought I’d present to you 10 email marketing tips in a more visually pleasing  way. If you are new to email marketing you might like to check out Zero to Email […]

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Are your customers ignoring your emails?

An email marketing campaign starts with getting names and emails, remember we gain permission first. But that’s not the end of  your email campaign, not by a long shot. People need to be emailed in order to read them! I know too many businesses that collect the emails but get too scared to email their […]

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Why your business should love email marketing

Email marketing involves sending email messages to a list of subscribers that contain information, offers, discounts, and promotions. That’s your message, delivered directly to a prospect’s inbox. Sound like a good idea? Read on and see if it’s for you and your business. The Basics of Email Marketing The first step in email marketing is […]

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