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30 ways to use images on Facebook

Visual marketing is nothing new, we eat with our eyes as the saying goes and if something is appealing and looks appetizing then we’re interested. So what can we create to captivate our Facebook audience and gain more likes and shares? 1. Make Lists Everyone loves lists. A great way to get people engaged with […]

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20 Ways to Increase Facebook Reach

Facebook reach is something that concerns a lot small business owners these days. Back in 2007 when Facebook launched fan pages it was  a race to get the most likes. 7 years later and its no longer a race, but a marathon to get your content seen by the people who’ve liked your page. And just […]

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Get the Facebook Newsfeed you Want

In this week’s AA social show we went totally off topic, in fact I don’t think we even got on the topic! So as well as this week’s episode for you to listen to, there’s also a quick tutorial on how to add a Facebook interest list and use Facebook lists to see the things […]

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