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Category Archives for Google Plus

10 things you really shouldn’t do on Google+

I’ll have to admit I love Google plus. I love the ability to share content easily with the right people. For me Google Plus is more of an engagement mechanism than a broadcasting tool. Let’s

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Google Hangouts: How to set them up so you look good

Google Hangouts are an amazing tool and if you record via Hangouts on air then your video is automagically (a technical term) uploaded to You Tube. How cool is that? And how powerful will it be in your

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Google Hangouts: Why I got a haircut, stepped up my exercise regime and stopped working in my pajamas

The rise of Google’s Hangout function has seen more and more people, and more and more businesses, take advantage of the many upsides it offers. When I was invited to participate with my friend Romany

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3 ways small businesses can use Google Hangouts

This is the third post in a series of posts about Google Hangouts for Business. You can find part one here (overview) part two here (what not to do) and this is the third post – using Google Hangouts

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How to totally screw up G+ Hangouts for business

Google Hangouts are awesome,the buzzword on every business’s lips but it’s not all rosy in the garden; there are some things you should NOT be doing when you use Hangouts. You’ve  possibly

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Google Plus: Should you be hanging out?

We’ve recently celebrated the 2nd birthday of Google Plus and over the next few days I’m going to take a deeper look into Google Hangouts. There are a lot of people who think Google Hangouts

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Blog Tips G+ Community #Blogging

You can’t have missed the buzz surrounding G+ communities! Like Facebook groups, only better organised and on Google Plus. I’ve set up a Blog Tips Community here and I’ve invited a variety

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Circles: like Twitter or Facebook lists but far more effective.

How many Circles do you have on Google Plus? You will need circles for a multitude of things and you will need at least 10 (including the ones that Google starts you off with).   A circle for the noisy

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13 tools to make smarter use of Google Plus

At just over 6 months old,  the online world has woken up to the fact that Google Plus is here to stay and that it’s a powerful marketing tool. Google Plus is now integrated into your search experience

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