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Category Archives for Infographics

From Zero to Infographics…

In the latter stages of the 30 day blogging challenge we look at creating an infographic. Why? Because the challenge focuses the participant on not only growing their writing muscle, but creating content that will grow business and create online assets. Infographics are part of that. When a lot of people struggle on an aspect […]

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Social Audiences: Sharing Playground [infographic]

When building your audience online it can be hard to determine which social network will work best for you. This infographic shares some interesting information about each network and their audience. Infographic from TheSearchAgents. This infographic was created some time ago, and there are now substantially more women on Google Plus than there was. Sarah

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The Blogconomy [infographic]

Ever wondered why people blog? And what the top blogs earn? Then this infographic is for you. My insights are underneath the infographic.     Okay let’s share what I think with you…. 126% of businesses generate leads through blogging. This is an increase, and will rise even more throughout 2014. Entrepreneurs make up 13% […]

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9 Kindle Mistakes to Avoid [infographic]

Happy anniversary to me! I’ve been publishing on Kindle for 4 years now, and although I’ve not published anything on Kindle this year (yet) more books are planned! So how about you, how’s your book coming along? In this infographic I share 9 common mistakes when it comes to Kindle, and underneath I share links […]

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What is Content Repurposing? [Infographic]

I’m sick of writing posts about content repurposing, videos and all the other stuff… so today I present: The Content Repurposing Infographic. Of course infographics are just one of many ways that you can re-purpose your content. Earlier in the week I decided to reformat a few posts as Tweets. So far so good, I’ll […]

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