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Creating Compelling Calls to Action for Your Content

As human beings we like closure. We like to file things neatly in their boxes, to put things in the correct mental compartment, and a compelling call to action not only gives us closure, it also guides

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10 ways to engage your audience on social media

It can be tough to engage an audience when you’re starting to build your social media profiles. In this slideshare I share 10 different ways to engage your audience, I think you’ll particularly

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10 video marketing mistakes to avoid

Video marketing is one hot potato when it comes to social media marketing. Video can help make your content “sticky”, lower your bounce rate and send traffic directly to your landing pages. Video

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Pinterest: 10 Basic Strategy Tips

If you’re new to Pinterest you might find this video helpful with Pinterest Basic Strategy Tips. You might also like it if you want to connect with influencers on Pinterest. There are 10 actionable

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10 mistakes to avoid when Content Marketing

Your customers use the Internet in a variety of ways – as a problem solver, as entertainment and to find information. Content Marketing is the perfect way to reach your target audience through blog

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10 things you really shouldn’t do on Google+

I’ll have to admit I love Google plus. I love the ability to share content easily with the right people. For me Google Plus is more of an engagement mechanism than a broadcasting tool. Let’s

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Creating a better interview when podcasting

Podcasts, depending on the day of the week, are dead or the best thing since sliced bread. I was a latecomer to the iphone, I got my first one back in 2010 and my 5 year old daughter promptly filled up

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Five Traditional Ways to Find Great Article and Blog Post Topics

So, it was my one year anniversary over at For Bloggers, By Bloggers where I contribute a weekly post, every Tuesday. And I posted a slightly controversial post about blogging only when you have something

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Are you still making these 10 mistakes on Twitter?

Twitter: love it for the levels of interaction or hate it for the noise, Twitter is still a great place to be chatting to clients and potential clients. How you use Twitter for business or for fun is up

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