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A blogger’s quick start to Pinterest

If you’re a blogger and you are trying to figure out how to incorporate Pinterest into your blog post promotion routine then you’ll want to read this post. For many bloggers, Pinterest is their number

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Setting up Your Blog or Website for Rich Pins

Did you know there are ways you can make your website more attractive to the people active on other social networks? In this article we’re going to look at using Rich Pins on Pinterest to help build

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Where’s That Pinterest Traffic Challenge You’ve Mentioned?

Did you know is Pinterest a Great Traffic Generator? You should do by now, no matter what niche or industry you’re in. But just in case… let’s talk about it some more. Did you know people

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Pinterest: 7 ways to Gain Exposure, Explode Traffic & Generate Sales

You already have a Pinterest account set up, you know the basics of how to create boards and add pins to your various boards, but you want to really leverage Pinterest (and all it has to offer) to drive

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50 tips to help you have more marketing fun with Pinterest

Pinterest is a very visual, very popular social media site and it’s a great place to share the images of things you find, as well as a great place to find the stuff that interests you. Business bloggers

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4 simple steps to Pinterest Pinboard Perfection

Pinterest can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. In this infographic I share the 4 simple steps to a perfect pinboard. Choose a topic Pick a short yet relevant board name Use an eye-catching

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Winning by Pinning: Food and Drink Case Studies on #Pinterest

A few days ago I posted about case studies on your pinboards building credibility. A reader emailed me and said okay Sarah, where are your Pinterest case studies? When I took a look at my boards the ones

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Pinterest: 10 Basic Strategy Tips

If you’re new to Pinterest you might find this video helpful with Pinterest Basic Strategy Tips. You might also like it if you want to connect with influencers on Pinterest. There are 10 actionable

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That's Pinteresting: How to create boards that get noticed

You’re a business owner, and you’ve heard all about Pinterest and you want a slice of that social media action for your business, and who can blame you?  You’ve got your business Pinterest

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Pinterest: 6 ways to Establish Credibility in Your Niche

Trust, integrity and credibility are very important goals for any business, online or offline. When your audience views you as credible they not only see you as an expert in your niche, they also trust

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