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Category Archives for Twitter

Should I be using Twitter for business?

A common question I get asked is ‘Should I be using Twitter for business?’ The answer is quite simply if you are in business why would you want to ignore one of the largest, most interactive

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Are you still making these 10 mistakes on Twitter?

Twitter: love it for the levels of interaction or hate it for the noise, Twitter is still a great place to be chatting to clients and potential clients. How you use Twitter for business or for fun is

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Case Study: Creating a Trend on Twitter #SpainIs

We’ve all heard of new-jacking thanks to David Meerman Scott, but can Twitter be used to promote positivity around a message and create news? I’m going to hand you over to Graham Hunt, the

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Twitter Questions – What Should I Tweet?

Twitter is a great marketing tool, it’s one that I adore, but like pretty much everything else it is only effective if you use it in the right way. The right way can mean many things to many people

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