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Category Archives for Twitter

Should I be using Twitter for business?

A common question I get asked is ‘Should I be using Twitter for business?’ The answer is quite simply if you are in business why would you want to ignore one of the largest, most interactive social media platforms that is available? When you look on Twitter (and see past some of the dross), look at some of […]

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How to Beat Twitter List Rot!

If you’ve used Twitter for any amount of time, you’ll have experienced a great deal of frustration With Twitter lists. Twitter lists arrived late 2009, and even I was excited to see them, however they soon became near impossible to manage due to time constraints (who wants to spend a day creating a Twitter list?) […]

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Case Study: Creating a Trend on Twitter #SpainIs

We’ve all heard of new-jacking thanks to David Meerman Scott, but can Twitter be used to promote positivity around a message and create news? I’m going to hand you over to Graham Hunt, the man who turned the #SpainIs hashtag into a wave of positive publicity for his adopted country.   A lot of us […]

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Twitter Questions – What Should I Tweet?

Twitter is a great marketing tool, it’s one that I adore, but like pretty much everything else it is only effective if you use it in the right way. The right way can mean many things to many people so for the purpose of this article, it will mean the right way for a small […]

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