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Are You Using Social Quizzes to Drive Traffic?

Unleash the Power of Viral Social Quizzes on Your WordPress Website! Start Driving Social Traffic Quickly! Are your friends driving you nuts  with their quizzes? Especially on Facebook? You know the

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Review: Headline Zen Title Optimising Plugin

Split testing headlines is something that serious, and smart marketers do. However, it’s not always easy or cheap. If it doesn’t cost cold, hard cash then it costs time, and that’s just

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WordPress Membership Plugins and EU VAT Compliance #EUVAT

In my post published last Sunday, I shared some of the places that you can now sell that are EU VAT compliant, including sites like Roman Cart, Selz and Sendowl. However, if like me, you have all of your

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Which WordPress Landing Page plugin do I need?

I love WordPress and the chances are if you are reading this post, you have a WordPress site too. This post is updated from the original post as some of the recommended landing page plugins are no longer

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500 mindblowing headlines you can swipe with one click

Do you struggle with headlines? Headlines are used in marketing your business every single day of the week, from brochures to postcards, from letters to blog posts. Headlines are the difference between

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WordPress Author Box: Does my bio look good in this?

Under every post and page, you have the opportunity to present yourself to your reader. Its here the reader will find out more about the author of the post, see if they want to click on the about page,

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10 of the best WordPress Frameworks

After you’ve spent a little bit of time working with a WordPress website – particularly if you’ve ever shopped around for a new theme for your site – you’re likely to come across the term “Theme

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Force Password change WP Plugin

You hear it every day. Another social media site has been hacked. Twitter, Zendesk, even new brand new sites become victims to hackers every single day. You’ve installed Login Lockdown, and Wordfence

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Are you sending blog posts to Kindle?

Up until the 19th of March 2013 if you wanted to send a blog post to Kindle you had to rely on two things – a Kindle savvy blog reader who installed a Chrome of Firefox app or  a premium plugin

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WordPress Plugins for Sharing your Content

It’s all about the share, the social share. Yep, this post is all about WordPress plugins for social sharing. And instead of me writing about what I love and use I thought I’d ask a diverse

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