Content Curation 101 [infographic]

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We’ve looked at what content curation is – content curation basics, then content curation best practice (the post where I share a free download with my top tools and resources for content curation) and now just for fun… and infographic icon biggrin Content Curation 101 [infographic]

Content Curation 101 Content Curation 101 [infographic]

Tools for Awesome Content Curation

Happy curating icon smile Content Curation 101 [infographic]

Sarah Blogging Sig Content Curation 101 [infographic]

pixel Content Curation 101 [infographic]
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 Content Curation 101 [infographic]
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 Content Curation 101 [infographic]

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  1. Debbie Devita says

    Hi Sarah, content is so important now. Seems like people are in technology overload with all the ways to share information these days. However, if used correctly it helps make contacts, friends and gets your voice heard more than ever before.

  2. says

    Sarah, thanks for the comparison and contrast between sharing and curation. I’ve often wondered what the difference was between the two. Now I know! I appreciate you putting this informative series together! One of my favorite sources for content curation research is StumbleUpon: I’ve been amazed at the quality of some of the articles I’ve found there.

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