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Content Curation Basics

Content curation is one of those buzzwords you’ll see flying around on Twitter and Facebook and like any other blogger you have to keep on top of the latest trends, but is curating content good for everyone?

In this post I’m going to explore the basics of content curation and how you can make it work for you and your readers.

Many bloggers are already expert content curators. If you put together a regular link post then the chances are you are already curating content to your readers, you just call it something different. But like most buzzwords, content curation is only partially-understood by most people.

What Is Content Curation?

Content curation means pulling together content from various sources and presenting it to the reader in your own unique way. It’s a step beyond the normal link post.

It may be easier to understand content curation by defining what it is not.

Content curation doesn’t mean presenting a list of stories or a weekly roundup of links. It’s not a simple cut and paste job where you rip off content from someone else and imagine you are presenting it in some fresh and exciting way.

The No Nonsense Guide to Content Curation  Isn’t Curation what Museums do? Curation is a long word for collecting stuff and sharing it. Yes, curation is what museums do…

The idea is to take the information available and make sense of it for your readers. Just like a museum makes sense of it’s artifacts; presents them in an easily digestible way, the content curator does the same. Like a museum curator, the job starts with carefully sifting through all that’s out there and selecting the best items, the most relevant items and recreating the story for your readers.

You then put this content together into an easy-to-digest format that tells the story, making it relevant, valuable and most importantly memorable.

Why Curate Content?

Great content is already out there for your readers to enjoy, they just have to find it and yes, they are looking for it already. So why not put it together for them and demonstrate your own expertise? This is the key component to great content curation – it’s not just a whole heap of information that the reader doesn’t know what to do with.

Content Curation Guide for SEO – What, How, Why Curation Content is a Content Marketing tactic that SEOs should learn and use. This guide will tell them all they need to know about Content Curation: what it is, how to do it, and why to do it for the highest benefit of their 


Think about it for a moment: we’re inundated by a deluge of information every minute of every day.

The Internet is wonderful because of this, but it leads to information overwhelm.  From researching a blog post to purchasing a product you have to sift through all that’s out there to find what you need. A good content curator does all of this for you, and builds a following of loyal readers as a result. Social bookmarking is a form of content curation, and those that were experts at it built huge following. Newspapers and magazines do it – they sift all the news stories and curate all of the ones most relevant to their readership. It’s done to eliminate overwhelm.

How Content Curation Helps You

I was had a client that rang me up in a panic as he needed an urgent blog post to go out. He was on a train and couldn’t upload his post in time and he rang to ask me to add one for him. “Just make a quick link post of say 10 links and then post it up”  he instructed. Hmmm, a good link post is never quick and I hated to disillusion him this way.  Link posts are the start of curated content, and they are never quick unless they are poor quality. He got the message but link posts, like content curation, can be seen as the fast-fix option.

One common misconception about content curation is that it’s an easy way to online success, that’s its fast, it can be automated and can be used to replace your regular content. Since you’re pulling together content from different sources, it could be a shortcut to writing all your content for you…

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, like the content you write yourself, the content you curate can help you establish authority, enhance your reputation and create a connection with your readers.

The No Nonsense Guide to Content Curation Curation is a helpful service to all the people who follow you. You find interesting stuff for them. And voilà, because you’ve helped them find interesting stuff they assume you’re fun to hang out with and an expert in your field.

We’ve looked at content curation from your point of view, let’s now view it from the reader’s point of view.

  • Your blog or website is a source of the exact information they want on a regular basis.
  • It saves them from having to do their own sifting online.
  • Over time, they come to see you as a go-to source for their information.
  • They see you as a knowledgeable expert in your field.

How can an automated program that uses keyword algorithms to suck up content from other sources create all of that? In truth, it can’t. If your content is relevant and helpful to your readers, they’ll keep coming back for more. It doesn’t matter to them whether you’re the actual content creator or not. That doesn’t mean you should pass off the content as your own – it still needs correct attribution, but you are building your influence and resources in a way that helps people, and that’s valuable to all businesses.

Curating content should be taken just as seriously as creating your own content from scratch, but one of the advantages of this approach is that it is easier and more cost effective than writing your own content or hiring a writer. The curated content can come in the form of quotes and images like this post, solely images or a collection of video- the choice is yours.

It’s just a matter of understanding your readers well and choosing the right content, what they want to read and what they want to know about.

Over to you – have you tried to curate your own content? What types of curated content do your readers like?


PS if you share this post you can grab a free download sharing tools for content curation

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