2 Daily Essentials for New Content Marketers (and 1 smart tip to manage it all)

When you’re looking to become more active in you content marketing, great stuff. You’ve decided your platforms, you know where your audience is, and you’ve downloaded a heap of tools but there’s two things you’ve forgotten to add to your to-do list.

1.Start Writing on a Daily Basis

If you don’t write on a daily basis already, now’s the time to start. You might not like writing, or it may be your greatest strength, either way a lot of content creation starts with writing an outline and planning.

Writing is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better you’ll become. Knowing this, means it’s just common sense to write every day.

You don’t have to start writing pages upon pages each day, think back to when you were just learning to write, you did a little bit each day and over the years you became better at it. Your writing goal is to form the habit where you sit down at your computer and start typing words into a document or notepad for just 30 minutes a day.

You can write about anything you like. A good starting point is a to-do list, or a daily outline, if you’re starting from scratch. The truth is you probably write far more than you think – emails can take up a huge chunk of your day, and that’s writing.

If you don’t have a problem with writing, you’re more experienced then what you’re looking to create is some focused writing time where you can start mapping out a business plan or outlining blog posts or just writing tweets.  In fact I’d go as far assaying write about anything that gets you into the habit of actually writing on a daily basis.

It may be difficult at first to write every day. Writing is like any other habit, quickly formed, if you commit to doing this daily you will be writing regularly in just 21 days.

2. Start Reading on a Daily Basis

It’s no fluke that reading and writing go together. When you read more, your writing becomes better. But not only that, when your content marketing you’ll want to stay on top of things so you’ll need to read industry news, other content creations blog posts, your friends stuff and of course your our unique interests and passions.

All of this provides you with insights on how to improve your writing as well as your content creation.

I personally find it helps to read a diversity of materials. I don’t just restrict myself to reading industry content and blog posts, if I did, I’d go stir crazy and be a total conversation bore. I read a range of non-fiction books from chick-lit to Cornwell to the classics, I also make a point of reading 3 or for different newspapers, so that I get through the left/right bias and gain the essence of the story being shared. If you find this much reading a struggle make it easy for yourself and read about something you’re interested in – a hobby, a new skill or things related to your family tree.

The 1 tip to manage it all…

Go and install the Kindle App on your smart phone and your tablet. You’ll thank me for it one day.

You can send documents and PDFs via email to your Kindle and you can read them anywhere. So if you’re in the queue at the supermarket or at the school gates you can whip out your smartphone and read the report that’s sat neglected on your desktop gathering cyber dust. Anything that’s due to be edited can be sent to your Kindle to be re-read and if you have the Kindle itself you can make notes. I find I’m easily able to make notes on my Samsung as I tab between the notes and the Kindle app.

Your content marketing life just got easier.

When you’re exposed to more content, in different genres you’ll find it easier to create and write content that connects to your audience, your use of language will become more fluid and of course your vocabulary will increase in size. You’ll never run out of conversation or things to say. You’ll even find your small talk at networking events and family gatherings becomes better.

There are some very positive side effects of reading and writing on a daily basis. Make sure you add them to your content marketing to-do list.


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Sarah Arrow

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  1. That’s a great idea using the Kindle to store articles and posts – I’ll have to see how that works. Most of my reading these days (apart from blogs, etc.) is on my Kindle, so saving articles there, making notes and retrieving for further editing and publishing makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for the idea, Sarah.


  2. Hi Sarah,

    GREAT post! Like many others, I actually hate to write. But you are correct – the more you do it, the better you get and the less it becomes a painful exercise.

    Most of us have thoughts every day that if expressed would be highly beneficial to those we are looking to serve. So we do them and ourselves a favor when we write them down and share them! :)

    Warm regards,

  3. Brilliant idea with the Kindle Sarah. It’s these simple things that make such a huge difference in our busy lives. There’s so many places I could be using this!


  4. I hadn’t considered using the Kindle app in that way Sarah. I use Feedly and Flipboard, but Kindle sounds like it might be easier when it comes to pdfs.

    Thanks for the great suggestion!

  5. I love reading and I do find that the more blogs, books, and content I read, the better writer I become! Great tips :)


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