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Devil's Advocate – Handling Comments Correctly

 I recently posted a blog post about mean comments. We’d had quite a conversation in the Blog Tips G+ community (you’re welcome to join us) about mean comments and I invited Garen Arnold to talk about how he handles comments :)

Devil’s advocate time! So have you made a post lately that really sparked some buzz in the wrong kind of way. For instance, you took a side or wrote about something you really believe, but others wanted to stone you for what you said. Believe it or not I have done this a lot because I am outspoken, and when I feel something that goes against the majorities thoughts I just say it.

Yeah, I am that friend that tells you what I really think and not what I think you want to hear. Hate it or love it I think people will respect it one way or another. But, who cares about me right? This post isn’t about me it’s about writing about stuff that gets a lot of negative feedback.

So for instance, I wrote a post on Hostgator reversing commissions and there are a lot of firm believers of this company. They think they are the best, don’t have any issues with them, and recommend them to all there friends. Sure, at one time I supported them a lot. In fact, I have sold hundreds of hosting packages and I know when I am getting cheated out of money, and I don’t put up with it. I am a full time affiliate marketer/SEO/Blogger whatever you want to call it. But, I evolve and they change and I see stuff going in a negative direction and I write about it. People might leave you a nasty comment or attack you verbally on your blog, but how do you deal with it.

Dealing With Nasty Comments

I usually send them a death threat, just kidding. Well, I don’t allow people to attack people verbally on my site or blogs. I don’t mind cussing on my site, but don’t try to attack someone because of their views. That’s not cool. So honestly, I will allow anything even if everyone disagrees with me and explains why, while adding value to the conversation.

But, how do you deal with companies or individuals that send you emails, write on your Facebook wall, send you a nasty Tweet, etc? First of all, I start by thanking them for contacting me and stating that I understand their views. State why you feel such and such along with some detailed information. I would have the same reaction if someone put up a bad post about my company. Followed by leaving them my phone number where if they would like to call me and discuss the matter without getting into a heated argument we can discuss this matter.

9 times out 10 people will either do one of two things. They will just forget about you and never send you another message again, or they will almost pick up the phone instantly and call you. Now, a real example is I had a niche in the YouTube niche and had a product I wanted to promote and had speculations that I was getting cheated out of money. Had a couple buddies test it out and figured out I was really getting screwed out of commissions. What I did was sent an email and the guy wanted me to call him.

Upon talking further with him I just got a sense that I didn’t trust him. I go with my gut instinct. There was no affiliate program for tracking and I just had to trust him. Not to mention he sounded a little bit drunk on the phone…lol. I basically, just told the guy I tested it out and saw that I didn’t get credit and I will be moving on. His response was I will pay you for the commission, but will you keep promoting me? My answer was no and you don’t have to pay me if you don’t want to, but I will be moving to another affiliate program. He never paid because I stop promoting him. Shows a lack of character and you just have to except some people just care about money. You choose who you do business with and control your own business decisions. Sure people can criticize them all they want.

Guess what when you get criticized you are doing something right!

So should you go on a witch hunt looking for companies to slam? No not by any means. When you feel something controversial and firmly believe it should you write about it? Yes! It’s good for you and writing is one of the best ways to get something off your mind and do something productive with your time. Expect you’re probably going to get some flack, but make sure you handle it professionally. Never blog when your mad and certainly remember if you put something in writing you need to make sure it’s accurate.

Do you ever find yourself playing devil’s advocate or taking a view point which might be viewed as unfavorable by others?

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