Easy publishing to Kindle Check-list

kindle coverI have always been an advocate of publishing your blog on Amazon’s Kindle because Kindle is another route to market for your business. I recently decided to publish a few of my more popular ebooks to Kindle :) Yay!

As always I document the process so that if I outsource that aspect I can issue the virtual assistant the guidelines I expect them to follow. It’s a handy check-list to follow if you are looking to publish to Kindle, and you can grab a copy here.

Kindle Checklist

To download just right click the link and then “save as…” to your desktop.

Why would I give away my Kindle check-list?

Back in the summer I was teaching a workshop on blogging. One of the things that came up in discussion was having a blog that was effective at converting the right customers at the right time. For me the way is simple – my blog posts are a blend of opinion (for comments), how-to’s (to show I know what I am doing) and check-lists for people who want  to try and do the “basics” themselves.

As this site is my give back to the community, it’s only right that every now and then I give some useful items away.

Let me know when you find it useful, and of course if you have a few moments please share this post so others can grab the check-list.




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Sarah Arrow

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  1. This is great Sarah. Thank you so much for sharing. I will be including this in my Saturday link list.

    • Thanks Fred, glad you liked it :)

  2. I will inwardly digest and pin it to my noticeboard so I remember when my ebooks are ready for the world (yes, the longest labour ever – note this is not an excuse to nag ;-) )

    Thanks Sarah

    • thankfully you are not pinning it to your monitor ;) Thanks for dropping by Babs and of course doing my ebook cover :)

  3. I have just self-published my first Kindle eBook and downloaded various lists of instructions, including those of Amazon/Kindle themselves. Out of them all, Sarah, yours were by far the most useful and most user-friendly – congratulations! I can thoroughly recommend them.

    • Thank you Suze, glad they were useful :)

  4. Thanks Sarah, it’s too soon for me but it will come handy when I’ll be ready. Plus let me add that your gifts are really useful, something that puts you out of the crowd. ;) Have a great day!

  5. Simply great post and I have to thank you so much for inspiring me to just get on with it! I Am a couple of weeks away now – you’re an inspiration.

    • Let us know when you launch Evan :)

  6. Grabbed it, read it, loved it, tweeted it.

    Folks in case you just read through this post and skipped to the bottom, GO BACK UP and get the checklist. It’s ridiculously complete; I thought it was going to be a single page but it’s four and a half pages of distinct, necessary steps.

    Sarah, I’m very impressed with the specific care you took here in listing out each step.

    I came across a GREAT article (which, unfortunately I don’t have the link to) by Alicia Dunams on how to craft your book’s title. If I find it I will send it to you because I think you’ll want to borrow her formula for titling a book.

    Thanks again. I wanna write a BESTSELLER on Amazon Kindle and if I do it will be your fault ;-)

    Keep Stepping,


    • Thanks Kurt, and I’m glad you liked the checklist :)
      Good luck with the Kindle bestseller, let me know when the book is live so I can share it :)


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