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Easy publishing to Kindle Check-list

kindle checklistI have always been an advocate of publishing your blog on Amazon’s Kindle because Kindle is another route to market for your business. I recently decided to publish a few of my more popular ebooks to Kindle :) Yay!

As always I document the process so that if I outsource that aspect I can issue the virtual assistant the guidelines I expect them to follow. It’s a handy check-list to follow if you are looking to publish to Kindle, and you can grab a copy here.

Kindle Checklist

To download just right click the link and then “save as…” to your desktop.

Why would I give away my Kindle check-list?

Back in the summer I was teaching a workshop on blogging. One of the things that came up in discussion was having a blog that was effective at converting the right customers at the right time.

For me the way is simple – my blog posts are a blend of opinion (for comments), how-to’s (to show I know what I am doing) and check-lists for people who want  to try and do the “basics” themselves.

As this site is my give back to the community, it’s only right that every now and then I give some useful items away.

Let me know when you find it useful, and of course if you have a few moments please share this post so others can grab the check-list.



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