10 Email Marketing Tips [images]

Email marketing is common sense mostly, but as my friend Linda Mattacks would say; Common sense is not that common any more.
So I thought I’d present to you 10 email marketing tips in a more visually pleasing  way.
email-marketing-tip-1 email-marketing-tip-2 email-marketing-tip-3 email-marketing-tip-4 email-marketing-tip-10 email-marketing-tip-9 email-marketing-tip-8 email-marketing-tip-7 email-marketing-tip-6 email-marketing-tip-5
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Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow started blogging to save a business and it worked! She created her first blogging challenge back in 2007, and is the author of many quick start marketing guides, turning Sark eMedia into a publishing business.

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Ryan Biddulph - 11 months ago

Hi Sarah,

Simple and powerful tips. Make a point and exit stage left. Emails can be long and thorough; just use headers and other strategies to make your emails scannable.

Be persistent. Program people with your message. Weekly or bi-weekly, or whatever approach you use, churn out those emails to connect with your target audience.

Promote. Promote. Promote :)


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Caleb - 11 months ago

Sending a test message was something I had to program myself to do which was not hard once I realized many of my beginning messages were not looking right and had broken links. Please do not make this same mistake!
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Nile - 11 months ago

I get a lot of people who think its okay when we exchange business cards that they should go home and put me on their email lists. It’s really annoying as it really is important to let a person to do all the leg work if they choose to subscribe. Adding it is right up there with spamming, imho.
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Alan Jenkin - 10 months ago

Excellent, tips, Sarah – You are an inspired and inspirational blogger!

I really like the way you have created the tips as images. Do I have your permission to borrow them to use individually on my Facebook page?

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Charlie - 10 months ago

For me, I believe that email list building is all about learning and practising. If you are looking for the best marketing techniques, you are definitely at the wrong place. There are many more methods which involves this and thus, always take your time to learn one thing at a time. Don’t rush or you will be fail badly as a Internet marketer.

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