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Facebook vs LinkedIn

The user or client of a site generally controls the message and that is why people tend to prefer LinkedIn or Facebook but not both. By controlling the message the client effectively comes blind to advertising. Think TiVo and Sky Plus: you record a program and then skip the adverts.

If you are advertising you need to look at new ways of reaching your target audience. In the Zero to Blogger email series I talk in depth about talking to your ideal audience, so take a look at those emails if you are unsure of who your audience is.

Social media tools, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+ are all ways of reaching your target market. But (there’s always a but…) if you stick to traditional methods of advertising you will be tuned out. Yesterday I blogged about community, you need to have this in your mind when you are looking at your social media tools and reaching your target market.

I will say in advance, as much as I am going to try to be impartial I am not a fan of Facebook and I recently moved to G+ (Google Plus).

LinkedIn, the pro’s

LinkedIn is very much the business network, from your profile to your pages to the questions section everything on LinkedIn is geared towards business and business visibility.

If you are looking for a new team member or to get a new position then LinkedIn is a treasure trove for you. Recruiters hang out there and the interaction is very professional in its outlook. If you are looking for a new position, Lynn Tulip has a great post on how you can use LinkedIn to get a job. And if you struggle to get job offers, take a look at this blog post – the killer picture.


To get used to LinkedIn go and have a look around the LinkedIn learning centre. Play with the settings, press some buttons and see what functionality you can add to your profile.

You might find these posts useful:-

Facebook the pro’s

The biggest social network so far, your target market are very probably on Facebook.
The Facebook developers page is a huge resource on how to do things on Facebook and integrate it with your website .
Engagement / interaction is easier than most other social networks due to the sheer volume of accounts in place.
It’s easy to share images, video and other media with your target audience.
Create a Facebook page and then take a look at these resources to maximise your visibility.

Facebook vs LinkedIn

Which site suits you? The tone over at LinkedIn may be a bit to formal for you. Facebook may be the reverse. However if your target market prefer one site over the other, then you have to bite the bullet and interact with them where they are happiest. Both Facebook and LinkedIn have mobile apps, so you can connect and interact on the move, if you are worried that you don’t have enough time. LinkedIn has the bump and connect aspect so you can exchange profiles with people at business meetings etc.

Both sites now offer targeted advertising, so you can create an advert and it will show on the profile page of someone who is your target demographic. This can boost sales with a carefully targeted campaign. Example, you sell driving lessons. One LinkedIn you target 17 year old members in employment and people who are of the age to be parents. You do the same on Facebook, on Facebook you can drill down further and specify the ad shows to those who are in a certain geographic region who have indicated they do not drive. By laser focused targeting of ads you get better click throughs and stronger conversions. Make sure the landing page from LinkedIn and Facebook ads are suitable welcoming and speak solely to your target audience. Facebook ads are very reasonably priced in comparison to Google adwords and LinkedIn ads.


Ultimately you can have a presence on both sites and interact accordingly with the groups in each location. You may feel a bit conflicted behaving like this so it may be better to appoint someone who is comfortable with LinkedIn to be your company voice there and the same with Facebook. As an individual, it’s down to you to choose where you think you would be the most effective.

A strong campaign on both sites will increase both brand visibility and brand awareness for your business and effective engagement will grow your community, which in turn generates leads.

Have LinkedIn and Facebook resources? Share them in the comments :)


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