How Fast Could You Write A Blog Post If You Didn’t Have To Come Up With The Idea?

VectorsGold-156How much of your blog writing time is staring out of the window waiting for inspiration to arrive? Have you ever sat down and calculated how long it takes you to write an article or blog post? Or how much of that time is spent looking at a blank screen trying to come up with an idea?

Let’s work it out together…

  • Getting my work space prepped, turning off Skype, email, FB, hiding the phone, etc. – me = 20 minutes. You = _______ minutes.
  • Deciding which of my blogs needs a post right now. – me = 5 minutes, you= ______ minutes.
  • Looking up at the ceiling, trying to think of an idea and noticing the ceiling fan needs dusting. Run, get the duster and take care of it. Get a fresh cup of tea, sit down and start thinking hard again. – me 20 minutes, you =_______ minutes.
  • Eureka! Come up with an idea, start outlining it, come up with a better idea, start outlining that. – 20 mins, you =________ minutes
  • Write the rough draft – me 20 minutes, you =_______ minutes.
  • Proofread, tweak, and call it done. – 20 minutes, you = ________ minutes.
  • Procrastination around publishing and general faffing about – me = 20 minutes, you = _______ minutes

That’s 145 minutes and the writing time and editing time was half that! The good news is when it comes to writing the second blog post, I don’t have to prep my workspace again, although I will go and make a glass of lemon juice to drink, to keep my mind sharp.

Of course these timings are only applicable if I know my topic well, if I have to research for the blog post, check keywords and so on then we are looking at another 60 minutes on top of the original 145 minutes. So that’s over 3 hours to write a blog post – no wonder people think they don’t have the time to blog!

So how can we speed up the blog writing process?

We can use some tools I hear you say, and yes, I agree there are some excellent tools out there that help speed your blog post writing up. and what’s more the first one is totally free!

  • Write more. I know, you find writing a drag but if you start to write more you become better at it. You start to care about punctuation and what words you use, you start to like writing and slowly you grow to love it. If you set aside 30 minutes a day to write you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll write.
  • My Blog Better / Faster Kit. This will help you with the planning and it’s as cheap as chips. When you download the PDF you’ll print out the calendar, start reading the other worksheets and then fill it in. That saves a lot of time and almost eliminates the time staring at the ceiling.
  • Outlining… They taught me this at school, but I don’t think I was paying attention that day. My Epiphany for outlining came about 6 years ago when I realised that you could “template” ideas and use them over and over again, and what’s more it seemed like the whole world already knew this! Outlining an article makes the whole process faster.
  • One Word: Content Curation. Okay, one phrase, or two words. Content Curation can be easily sped up using a tool like this. I love this and recommend it all to my clients. The smart ones have it and use it. There is a free version with adverts, and a paid version that’s advert free. I have the paid version, but I recommend you try the free version and get addicted to it!
  • Headline Hacks report from Jon Morrow. Every time I get a bout of the “omg I cannot do this, this is terrible… I’ve rather have another Labrador and spend the rest of my days turfing it from my bed / sofa  / clean laundry than write another blog post”, I print off the report and I draw all over it. Sometimes the doodles are awesome, but there is only so long my brain will take doodling for before a headline from the report jumps out and screams to be written into a blog post.
  • Blogging Prompts… I’ve 31 on them right here for you.
  • Easy Article Starters from Peggy Baron. This article is based on one of these and so far it’s taken 25 minutes to get this far, no time lost waiting for inspiration to strike (although I have to admit that’s my favourite part).
  • Avoid Blogging Failure webinar, free to attend and covers the “what the heck do I write about and where do I find the time to write” in more detail. I’m told that the content is incredibly valuable, so why not jump onto the webinar and find out?

So how fast do you think you can write a blog post if you didn’t have to come up with the ideas? How much more would you get done? How much more content would you create that connected with your audience?


PS the avoid blogging failure webinar is here, go and book yourself on.


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  1. A great list of resources Sarah. I think one of the problems many bloggers face is that they may have never had to write to real-world deadlines.

    When I worked for a small newspaper three of us types and typeset all through the night because a guy in a van would be coming round at six am to collect our paste-ups. That sort of environment forces you to work fast, whilst having fun and drinking too much coffee.

    Recently, when launching that Kindle book we discussed with Ola last Friday I found I’d left everything until the last minute. The result was that in less than two hours I had created blog posts about ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, within a called ‘How To Create Your Elevator Pitch’, A Review for a Camera I’m offering in a competition with links to the main review sites, plus two posts in different places about the competition.

    If you’re passionate about what you do, then there really is no lack of subject matter to write about in blogs, forums, or on the loo wall ;)


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