Five Fab You Tube videos from 2012

2012 gave us some fantastic videos. It’s hard to compile a list like this and limit it to just five, I’ve tried to steer clear of the music videos but failed miserably… I flat out refuse to include Call Me Maybe ;)

Gotye – Somebodies

Somebody That I used to Know by Gotye (featuring Kimbra) was a slowburning hit. Everyone was humming the catchy tune throughout 2011 and 2012 whilst debating whether Gotye sounded like Peter Gabriel blended with Sting or someone else entirely. Meanwhile, his song was being recreated by musicians all over the word, putting their own interpretation on You Tube.

Here’s Gotye’s reply

College Humor -Look at this Instagram

Watched this in the car with my husband (we were parked, having lunch) and I shrieked that’s you when I heard “Look at this coffee foam! His swift reply was that’s you when he heard the words “pretentious tome”… yes, all of us Instagrammers are captured on this very funny video. I’ve not looked at Instagram the same since… ;)

Bodyform’s video response to Richard

From a Facebook comment that went viral to a video response = 8 days. That may sound a lot in the fast moving world of social media but in advertising that’s fast. From concept to finished product, I think you’ll have to agree this video response it veers from cringeworthy to hilarious, but totally compelling to watch.

Psy: Gangnam Style.

It started with a few celebrity tweets and then snowballed. 2012 was the year of Gangnam Style, spawning thousands of parodies and making Psy an international superstar. What more is there to say?


My final video is one that sparked conversations worldwide, and again thousands of clips uploaded to YouTube and each one generating tonnes of comments. I don’t know whether it should be seen as politics or just TV. ¬†Whatever you decide, it generated a huge amount of social media conversations and great writing always does that.

What were your favourite videos of 2012.

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Sarah Arrow

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  1. Love your list. Way better than YouTube’s lol. And thanks for not adding another Call Me Maybe video!!!

    I have used the Newroom video a few times to start conversations on politics and the state of the country. I love that show. Its a great commentary on the nation today.

    • Call me maybe drove me nuts! I’ve not seen Newsroom yet, but I’m hoping to get it on DVD soon.

  2. Very cool list. I like that song by Gotye I used to play it over and over until I started to hate it :).

    I need to start using YouTube more with my marketing. I have a couple sites that videos would work wonders for :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    • My daughter loves Gotye, so I still had to listen even when it was past it’s sell by date! I just love his tribute to his tributes . Good luck with your video marketing :)

  3. Terrific Sarah – my two favorites are Newsroom and Bodyform. Bodyform reminded me of an experience we had here in Hawaii when we introduced authentic Hawaiian hula dancing into our hotel’s luau. Every luau show in the Islands features polynesian performances – the highlights of which are firedancers – from Tonga. We were bombarded with complaints telling us that our show wasn’t “authentic” because there were no firedancers. Pretty disheartening for the native Hawaiians who created the performance to realize their culture had been morphed into little more than a sideshow by the popularity of a tourist attraction.

    • How disheartening for the dancers and the people of Hawaii. The mass media does give people the wrong impression at times, along with Hollywood. That’s the plus side to You Tube, at least you get to share your story in your own words.

  4. Wow! That last video is powerful! Truthfully I am concerned for the future of the United States. We claim it is the land of opportunity and freedom. Opportunity? Well, yes, but freedom? I think we are losing that freedom. I love the song “Somebody that I used to Know”. I have it on my itunes playlist, but sorry to say not by Gothe. My favorite version was by the duo on American Idol…Philip Phillips and Elise Testone, but sadly it was not available for purchase.
    Great thought provoking post!
    Thanks so much!


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