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Focus: 3 things that will make a difference to your online business

We often have the feeling of information overload when working online. Do we do this or do we do that? And another blog suggests doing something else entirely. Do you ever find yourself thinking “I don’t want to feel left out or left behind, I need to research some more… I need to reach the top of my field”.

Information overload is the stealth killer of internet businesses.

Information overload will kill your online marketing stone dead and you’ll be left wondering what happened and whether you should book an autopsy or not.

With information overload you just need a good old fashioned magic wand. One that you can wave and delete all that extra information in your brain that’s just taking up space and processing capacity…

What if your business day could get leaner, so you had more time to tick off the things that really matter on your to-do list?

What if you had the ability to laser target your focus on just a handful of online marketing activities?

  • What if you could do your daily tasks well and enjoy completing them?
  • What do you think would happen in your online business?

You will be a lot more PRODUCTIVE!

You don’t have to work in a way that leaves you stressed and burnt out. You can choose to become more productive and boost your bottom line. I mention laser focus earlier in this post, and that’s the key to getting more done. The more focused you are, the more time you have to spend on the aspects of your online business that you love and that you enjoy doing and of course is more profitable.

The by product of this style of work is you have more time for the people that truly matter to you – family, friends, Twitter followers ;)

Aren’t they the reason why we stopped with our J-O-B (which stands for Just Over Broke) and joined the internet goldrush?

Let’s start that process right now.

Ask yourself this important question:

In order for me to have as much money as I want in my internet business, what are the 3 most important things it needs?

Stop right here.

Go get a cup of tea or a coffee, and grab a pen and paper.

It’s time we went old school with this.

Write down what you really need to run your online business successfully.


Good! Push your cuppa to one side and continue to read.

Your answers please…

  • Did you write tools?
  • Or perhaps you wrote down ‘links, links, and tons of more links’.
  • You could’ve written ‘better blog design’

Yes, all of the things mentioned (and more) will help with getting the best out of your internet marketing efforts. However, they are NOT the most important aspects of your online biz. Rather, the most crucial pillars of your online biz are:

1. Making Offers (Products/Services)
2. List (Subscribers who are interested on what you have to offer)

3. Traffic… targeted traffic to be precise

Ponder on this for a moment If you could secure these 3 business things

  • If you could find products and services that are HIGHLY relevant to your audience
  • If you could get those offers in front of your list of interested subscribers
  • If you could continuously drive targeted traffic to your offers AND convert them to subscribers

Your online business’s profits would take off! Okay you maybe thinking that’s just too simple. But the best things in life are not free, but simple.

So what’s the next step?

You’ve established what the lifeblood to your online business is, now we just need to tweak our routines and build these into our working day.

Make it easy. Start with blocking your time and creating your tasks into bite sized activities. Why? I could sit here and type another 10 posts on the reasons why, but for the sake of brevity let’s just name a few.

  1.  Tasks get easier to manage when they are smaller.
  2. Things are not as overwhelming when they are small things It goes a long way in keeping your psychology and mental attitude towards internet marketing POSITIVE!
  3.  Quick wins make us feel like we’ve achieved something and then we want to do more because achieving our goals is a wonderful feeling We get that sense of achievement, which will drive us to do MORE!
  4. Time invested is never wasted. Real progress is made at a consistent, slow and steady pace. It’s about stamina rather than speed

And it’s only a matter of time until we see jaw-dropping results on our bottom lines.

Start small, start your day with 3 x 45 minute chunks focusing on these 3 things.

Then set another 45 minutes for small and urgent tasks. That means your working week will be longer than Tim Ferris’s 4 hour work week but a heck of a lot shorter than it is now.

But these 3 hours a day are not like 3 hours in your usual business day. For each of these hours, you are laser-focused on the task at hand. And in those 3, undistracted hours you can conquer the world.

In conclusion, for those that like to scan posts rather than read:

Focus 45 minutes a day on the 3 most important things in your internet business Forget tools, design and links. Focus on what truly matters and your bottom line will look a heck of a lot better than it does right now

Thoughts? Please share in the comments


photo credit: Βethan via photo pin cc


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