Gravatar: What is it and should I use one?

Gravatar is a great word meaning Globally Recognised Avatarcover for blogging basics - get a gravatar, bloke juggling blocks image

When you have a Gravatar account, your image is linked to your email account. This means wherever you comment on the web using that email address, if Gravatar is enabled, your image will appear next to your comment :-)

This means you can scan a blog, see a familiar face make a comment and stop to read it. It helps people get to know you and your brand across the web. It helps you recognise people in that blog’s community and get to know them.

Attaching your image to your email address is dead easy.

Click the link and add your email address that you use for making comments

An email will be sent to you to activate your account. Click the link in the email.

You will then be asked for a user name and a password, choose wisely your user name – it’s going to be with you a long time!

Upload an image from your PC or choose to add an image of you from the web (Quick Note how to add web image – right click the image, click properties and a grey box appears, use the image location URL.)

You can then crop the image so it fits the box and then when you’ve click crop and finish, you will be asked to rate your image. Unless you have upload a naughty or graphically violent pic, I suggest you use a G rating, which signifies for general use.

Thats it, all done :-)

Next time you comment on this blog, your image will appear next to your comment :-) it also works on all other WordPress blogs and other Gravatar activated forums.

Let me know how you get on :-)


Post republished from Jan 2010.

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Sarah Arrow

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  1. Thanks Sarah

    I had a moment of panic when I tried to set it up, and it said, this email address is already in use, then discovered it’s just because it is the same as my wordpress account.

    Now, does it work?


    • Yes it has Lynn, it works perfectly :-)

  2. Lol, I did the same Ann and yes yours works perfectly and it has updated you all over the web :-)

  3. I am so used to having one and it does definitely make a difference if you can see a face to the person who is leaving the comments. I would also add that for those of us who have a WordPress blog, you will get this automatically.

  4. Hi Alex, I love being able to scroll down a blog and see who I recognise and who looks interesting, and then I read the comments :-)

  5. I’m embarrassed that I’d not already sorted this out – thanks Sarah – this is a great blog to point people to.
    And now I should be visible…
    .-= Barbara Saul´s last blog ..Notes on Upgrading WordPress =-.

  6. Done it – will wait to see future ever-so-enhanced notice taken of my comments on blogs :-)…

    .-= Linda Mattacks´s last blog ..Go local: Help wherever and whoever you can locally for the next few days =-.

  7. Great. So easy too. Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks Sarah, just signed up and waiting for confirmation!
    Ooer! Gonna be a Gravatar!!!

    Yay baby!

    • Yeah Baby!

  9. Thanks for the post on Gravatars.

  10. Right, let’s hope this works. I have just been tweeting asking how you get this and then your email came in. Fabulous!

      • Hmmmmmmmmm I added another one but that’s come up as a space invader and not my cow pic?

        • you’ve broke it already! you’ve only had it 5 minutes!

  11. Right, I’m going to try showing off now!

  12. nope that’s not right! Should be a cow!

  13. I love being able to see who is commenting on my posts so I think having a gravatar is important, it helps to connect with other bloggers and build relationships.
    Have a great day

  14. Gravatar, It’s really easy to use and helps you to build relationship with blog owner, as blog owner see you image and can become more personal.

  15. Thanks Sara, that was super easy!


    • It always is when you know how :), thanks for dropping by Drew

  16. It is handy having Gravatar turned on if you get a lot of comments (like on this blog) – makes the authors seem like real people then


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