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Headlines and your heart’s desire

A fantastic headline can do many things – it stops scanners (people who scan through content fast) in their tracks. They can speak directly to your ideal customer and even make your blog posts go viral.

How to Write Good Blog Post Headlines

If you’re just starting out a blog, one of the biggest keys to your success is getting people to read your blog. The only way you can do that is to capture their interest and to do that you need a heart-stopping headline.

While you may have the world’s best blog post, if your headline doesn’t capture the heart of your reader, then the content won’t matter. In fact, it would be more beneficial to have an average blog post with a great headline than to have a poor headline with an amazing blog post.

You need to get your potential reader engaged and the only way you can do it is by making them interested straight away.

What goes into a good headline?

Some of the best headlines you can write deal with numbers and tips. There’s an internet myth that the best headlines always have a number in them.


5 Tips to Losing Belly Fat and Getting 6-Pack Abs

People love to read tips. They know that most of the tips they’ll read will be short, concise and exactly what they want. Also, writing about a specific number gives you an idea of how you can outline your blog post. Instead of running into a wall, you’ll know that you need at least 5 tips to make your blog post complete.

Another great way to create a compelling headline is to use a benefit.

If you’re writing about weight loss, you want them to see the benefit of losing weight. Such as looking great in a swimsuit. However, one of the most powerful headlines you can use is the benefit+curiosity to create a headline that will guarantee to get read.


3 Unwritten Rules to Losing Weight and Looking Great in a Bikini.

This is a great example of a benefit+curiosity based headline. Your reader wants to find out what the “Unwritten Rules” are and they’ll be more likely to open your blog post and to read it. Words like secret also work very well.

Its also important to have an appealing headline so people looking at RSS feeds will be able to see it, yes those scanners I mentioned earlier! If your headline isn’t interesting to them, there is no way they’re going to click on it.

Great headlines are not just for blog posts, they’ll also get your more social shares and attract in the right prospect to your business blog, and get you your hearts desire. What more could you want?


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