[infographic] Can you overcome your business fears?

January has come and gone, and we’re half way through February. Are you one of the people that started a business in January, after quitting your job? Only right about now you are wondering if its the best decision you’ve made because the Christmas bills are landing on your hall mat and it’s cold and miserable outside. It’s easy to feel like giving up when it’s dark outside, it’s easy to crave the stability of your former job and of course you’ll be missing your former colleagues.

Okay, take a deep breath. We need to say this out loud… repeat after me…

“We are not alone”

Did you say it?

Just by reading though this infographic you’ll see that other people have the same fears as you do, no matter where in the world you are. You’ll also see tips on how you can overcome fear an carry on with your business. But just so you know, the fear never truly goes away. You’ll have some days where you manage it better than others. I believe it keeps you on your toes :)

Sage beat business fears infographic
This infographic was produced by Sage UK

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Sarah Arrow

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  1. Business fears are inevitable. There isn’t one person that runs a business that doesn’t worry about the worst possible thing. Bankruptcy, is probably the absolute worst thing that can happen to a business. My grandpa filed for bankruptcy 3 times. His mentality was to never give up and believe me it passed to my dad and then to me. He died early, but honestly it was probably just to watch over me. Not a real religious person, but I can think of times in my life when stuff really should have taken a turn for the worse, but never did.

    • He sounds like an amazing man Garen, you’ll have to share with us his story one day. I bet it’d be a fantastic read.

  2. Hi Sarah! Those are some pretty amazing statistics you have shared with us her today. Fear of failure, Fear of the unknown! Yeh of course I have been there, but this is something I don’t think of anymore. I just try to stay focused on my tasks at hand! Since I learned how to use my planner things have been easier and now I now exactly what needs to get done. Thanks for sharing Chery :)

  3. This is fantastic, Sarah! I love that you indicate that fear will still exist – it’s all about managing our fears in a healthy way and continue moving forward. Your infographic is so realistic, everyone makes the choice to be in either group. Use the stats to justify excuses or use the stats to determine where to stand.

    I’m a first time visitor here and I look forward to reading more from you.

    Dena Lynn

  4. Fear is not fun. It takes being positive, open-minded, and motivated to learn when failure occurs. A lot of startups fail right out of the starting gates and it is because they did not put together a good business plan. However, they also failed to get back in the game after stumbling, re-assess what was wrong, and apply solutions and goals to their business plan.

  5. Wow! Great Stats that give a lot for us to think about. Wonder what the same stats would be for us in US?? Thanks for sharing this.—-One thing love about stopping by your site—know going to learn something and have something to think about!

  6. Hi Sarah, I’ve heard it said to Face the fear and do it anyway. Fear is paralyzing. However if you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you are suppose to do something, then I believe you can follow through with confidence, trusting in the One who guided you. Starting a business is a huge undertaking and takes money and lots of your time. I would say do your research so you go into it with your eyes wide open aware that it will test you. But Oh the joy, when you find success!
    All the best,


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