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PyramidsThis is the final installment of a ten part series in boosting your blogging income. Over the last 9 days I’ve shared a variety of ways to boost your blog’s income over the short, medium and long term and if there was nothing there to inspire you or make you site up and go “yes!”, then it’s time for that difficult conversation – Is it time for you are your blog to break up?

It could be that you’ve lost your passion for your blog. It could be you’ve become so successful that you don’t have time to write anymore, it could be that you need the time spent blogging to do other things, it could be that you no longer have the same online lead generating objectives.

Whatever the reason (and it should be a good one) don’t just let your blog wither and die alone in the blogosphere, don’t abandon it so that it dies of a broken heart. There could be an opportunity to sell your blog and make money that way. If you have good traffic, good reader engagement and a monetization strategy in place, your blog will be very attractive to buyers and it may fetch a good price.

Steps to selling your blog.

Make It Saleable from the Start

If you think you might someday sell your blog, set it up from the start so that it can be easily transferred. Choose a domain name that doesn’t mention you specifically. Avoid names like you will struggle to sell a site that’s branded you, and the new owner has the hassle of rebranding all the site. Try to keep from making your content overly personal, sure they must have a bit of your personality involved but not so much that if you stopped blogging the site would collapse. The person who buys the blog from you will need to be able to take it over and keep on blogging on the same topics and grow the site. That can’t be done if your site would die without you.

Your Blog’s Competitive Advantage

When selling your blog, you need to know its competitive advantage. What makes your blog unique among all of the other ones in your niche? Make your differentiation clear in your sales presentation. The uniqueness of your blog will add to its value. This aspect is quite tough, Birds was unique yet each month another copycat emerges from the woodwork. Not only does it make it difficult to sell my site, it makes it harder for them to sell theirs. The one thing in my favour is we’ve won lots of awards, proving the original is always more valuable than the copy :)

Make Your Blog Attractive to Buyers

Work on building traffic and earnings with your blog and keep track of all analytics. The value of your blog is determined by several factors, including earnings, traffic, age, links, design, quality of content, and rankings.

Often blogs are valued at ten times their monthly profits, adjusted using the other factors mentioned above. When you have the data, analyse it and decide whether you would invest in the site, if you wouldn’t… then you have some work to do. Start building your list actively – use a pop-up and set up an autoresponderto maintain contact with your readers. Marketing to your email list is another way of increasing revenue, but there’s a fine line between boosting your income and burning your list to zero. If you burn your list, you’ll struggle to sell your site.

Explore and see what sites are selling and for how much, what functionality they have etc. Research what blogs are selling and what buyers are looking for.

Content Rich

Don’t bother trying to sell your blog if it’s just a few posts that were written 100 years ago, update your content and make it relevant and if you can’t be bothered to do that, get someone in to do it.

The content on your blog needs to be high-quality, a ghost blogger or editor will help tidy things up for you.  Make sure you get someone with experience in blogging and online sites to help you or you will waste hours training them how to format posts, add images and so on.

There should be a track record of frequent posting and make sure you own and have accredited all the images correctly. Make sure your content is original and isn’t scraped from other sites or spun using one of those tacky pieces of software – if anything isn’t as it should be, then edit it and make it better or remove it.

The amount of quality content on your blog adds to its overall value. If you are starting out with the aim of selling your blog then these tips are essentials and ways of keeping your blog on track.

Engagement Is Key

Reader engagement is one way of determining a higher price tag for your blog. You need as many comments, shares and other interactions (signs of life as I call them) as possible.

Lots of subscribers? Then you have the advantage over other blogs for sale, there is an existing, committed audience for the blog, and that’s a great sign. The new buyer don’t have to build a brand new following from scratch, they only have to build on the existing following.

You may also find a new buyer among your following, one of your readers might like the site and wish to buy it. Don’t keep the sale of your site a secret, word of mouth can help you reach the right buyer.

Keep Developing the Blog

If you can’t get the price you want for your blog, you need to  consider investing more time in building it and then readying it to sell in the future  is always better than abandonment. If it’s going to require too much of your time or you just don’t want to, then outsource your content creation and focus on building traffic and monetizing. You’ll then be able to put your blog out on the market for a higher price.

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Sarah Arrow

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  1. Sarah, you have some great tips here. I think another important factor to consider is whether or not you are still passionate about what the blog is all about. If the spark is gone and it has become more of a burden than fun, it is probably time to sell. – Alex at BlogClerks

    • Hi Alex, I can’t ever imagine a blog being a burden, can you? ;) But, yes, I agree the passion for the topic can be lost and it can be hard to recover, in that scenario you must spruce it up and sell it on. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. It’s important to focus on building good blog from starting so that you won’t face any problem at any time, either you want to sell it or want to continue more exposure for your blog.

  3. Excellent article (and series), Sarah. I did think of this when I started The Wonder of Tech and didn’t use my name in the blog title or the URL (though I have a URL with my name pointing to my blog.

    How much do you think a blog is affected by having one author whose voice is unique to the blog? And what if the blog isn’t monetized before it is put on the block?

    Thanks for sharing your great advice, Sarah!

    • I don’t think a blog’s saleability is deeply affected by having one voice if it’s a topic that be expanded upon. An example of this would be parent blogging, and a blog filled with posts about one families life – that would be hard to sell and for someone to take over. Even if it came from one person and wasn’t so personal, it could with some work be sold. It would be difficult to sell a personally branded site.

      Monetising before hand isn’t a huge problem if the content is there and the subscribers are there. Where there’s an audience, there’s money :)

  4. Hi Sarah,

    This is an excellent guide for someone who is considering selling their blog. At the present time, I have no intention, and mine is branded to myself…it would be rough right out the gate. However, you provided great tips and things to consider for those who have had a change in plans with their blog. You saved many people a lot before they attempt to sell a blog which does not meet the criteria you outlined in your post. I would like to back up and catch the rest of this series. Thanks!

    Raena Lynn

  5. Hi Sarah
    So flippa is the place to sell a website.
    Is it free or do they take a percentage?
    I’m thinking about selling Easy Public Speaking – it still gets tons of traffic and I’m upgrading it to a Genesis theme in the next week or so.

    I’ve not read much of the boosting income series, so I may have to look through your earlier articles.

    Good read as ever.

    • The pricing is reasonable but a little tricky to determine, for example I wasn’t sure if my site was a new website… like ebay you pay a listing fee and you can also add enhancements to your listing like confidentiality etc. will give you the price list to work out what it will cost you. I think you’ll get a very good price for Easy Public Speaking.

      • Thanks for the link Sarah
        Might just give it a go in the New Year.

  6. Sarah,
    your headline made me dream big.. were about if I can sale my blog fr a million dollar? Yes, that was the first things I though when read it… Love it.

    You have many great tips in this blog post that I can assimilate and also learn more from them.
    Always a pleasure to read all what you have to share since the information is truly valuable and I wish that we can sale our blogs for a million dollars each and that way we go ahead and create more and better contents…
    Thanks so much once again.

  7. Good post Sarah! I have seen a few for sale on a website and they did all wrong! Your tips was very straight-forward on someone possibly contemplating that option. I like how you talked about content and making it attractive. Some people don’t realize that looks matter when it comes to selling something.

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing such a great write up. I had a few domains lying around and I seriously wonder how it will work out for empty domains.

    I bet the price will be rather low right? I heard about Flippa but yet to explore it a lot.

    Thanks for sharing and putting me on first gear :)

  9. The niche blogs and old domains get a good price in flippa. So if you have just blogged for a few weeks then don’t bother the extra hassle of selling it. Let it be old for quite some times and then add some value to it and bam!- you have a online property to sell.

    Anyway the idea is if you do not like a blog anymore you can’t sell it. But if you can’t get the time to maintain it- you can sell it.

  10. I really like the point where you mention about not to choose a domain with our names. I had many friends who did struggle a lot to sell their website with their name as domain.


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