13 Tips for Kindle Formatting

13 Tips for Kindle Formatting

Kinstant Formatter cover.cls  187x300 13 Tips for Kindle FormattingI’ve had my moments when it comes to formatting Kindle books. I’m going to share a few of my Kindle formatting horror stories with you.

I’ll start with the most recent… are you sitting comfortably? I buy a “guru” course on Kindle books. Even though I’ve published 5 at this point, I decide for some insane reason that I want to spend $600 on some course with software. I add the book to the software and upload the images. I edit in the software and then I export and publish… only none of the images are in the book…

I’m not pleased and support never got back to me beyond send us a link.

I use and love Product Creator Pro for small Kindle guides, but it has its limits. Its maximum is 50 pages for Kindle -epub conversion. When you have 389 it’s painful. No, it’s worse than painful. It’s torture.

Get a book professionally edited and although it looks good to me, three readers email with the same errors that the editor missed. I’ve now learned that the readers get the book before the editor and then your book will be perfect before it goes on sale or free promo.

13 Tips for getting your existing eBooks ready for the Kindle

  1. When it comes to Kindle it’s important to keep it simple. You’re not going to be able to put fancy spacing in and huge titles like you can in your PDF documents. So, if you’re going to format your book for all places it is important to keep a bare bones copy of your eBook to use to format for the Kindle.
  2. You may use any word processor you like to type up your book but it should have a function to save in .html format.
  3. While you are writing your book just keep the book simple. 1 inch margin, a normal font like Times New Roman size 12. Your spacing should not be more than 1.5 times, so no double spacing because it will not look right on an eReader.
  4. This may also mean that you need to add more value to your book because people do not want to pay a lot of  money for a 20 page book. Your eBook can be any length you want…  as long as you cover all aspects your book says that it covers. In other words a great blog post is not a Kindle book.
  5. While writing your book just save it in a .doc or .docx format and don’t worry about any of the other formatting needs until it’s time to format for publishing however you can keep these things in mind:
  6. Do not use bullet points, certain fonts, headers and footers as they will not be transferred to Kindle, so don’t use them in your eBook.
  7. You may use indents, bolding, italics and headings.
  8. eBook readers do not have page numbers, so leave these out of the file. Readers navigate using the table of contents
  9. If you want a new chapter to start on a new “Page” ensure that you manually insert a page break with your software.
  10. All images must be inserted so that they appear in the center by aligning them in the center.
  11. Always edit, spell check and grammar check your finished product. Nothing is worse than doing all the work of getting your book published only to have readers comment on your lousy spelling and grammar! Yeah even when I’ve had books professionally edited and eagle-eyed reader has spotted one or two mistakes that we missed.
  12. If your existing eBooks that have already been formatted in a different way you can cut and paste the text into another word file and remove formatting by choosing the option, “keep text only” then reformat the entire eBook from page one.
  13. And use Kinstant Formatter

Yes, Kinstant Formatter is my weapon of choice when it comes to formatting Kindle Books. I love it so much I’ve created a how to use Kinstant Formatter guide. The Kinstant Formatter guide will be free via Amazon Kindle 26th and 27th of March. Go and grab a copy asap.

Amazon UK Link

Amazon US Link

Amazon Canada Link

If you miss the free days, you’ll find the book is just 99 cents, or 77 pence in English. More affordable than a guru course icon smile 13 Tips for Kindle Formatting

If you find it useful, by all means leave me a review.

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 13 Tips for Kindle Formatting
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 13 Tips for Kindle Formatting

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10 thoughts on “13 Tips for Kindle Formatting

  1. Dr. Erica Goodstone


    Valuable post about Kindle formatting. Having created about 15 Kindle books already, I am quite familiar with the Kindle formatting glitches. Recently I joined an online book community only to be told that “all” of my Kindle books have been formatted horribly. So, I have been painstakingly getting them revised, one by one – and the revised ones look beautiful. The whole process is not easy since the tools were not as proficient even one year ago as they are today. I have used Kinstant formatter, and it has been improved.

    What is wonderful about Kindle is that it is so easy to revise and then re-upload – and it is ready within a day usually.

    My novel, Love in the Blizzard of Life, is also in a Kindle format.
    The books that are revised are The Delicate Dance of Love, The Gift of Love and Touching Matters. They will be on FREE promo in about a week.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Love is Ending – Divorce is NearMy Profile

  2. nick catricala

    ok, I know that you know a lot about all kinds of social media.. but I must ask this question: How in the world you get to learn so much about everything else that you write about?

    Wow, when I read the 13 point of what you need to do in order to be able to publish in Kindle I almost kick my self.. last year some marketer convinced me that he knows what he is doing with Kindle and how to publish and earn income.. to make it short… after 6 weeks of running around he never really done any thing good for me to learn and he never succeeded to earn income (we where following him while he was creating a book and publish it).
    I did not mind the money it cost me but I truly was fed up to waste so much time and get very little out of it.

    Your clear and direct approach to share the main points to follow when creating a Kindle book is 1000 times more valuable then what the marketer shared and you shared here for free… you are wonderful.
    Thanks so much once again for sharing great and practical information we can use.
    nick catricala recently posted..What you do or say when….My Profile

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