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Winning by Pinning: Food and Drink Case Studies on #Pinterest

pinterest case studiesA few days ago I posted about case studies on your pinboards building credibility.

A reader emailed me and said okay Sarah, where are your Pinterest case studies? When I took a look at my boards the ones that I’d put together came from my previous site that had got hacked… in short I had no case studies on Pinterest to demonstrate my capability (and I’m still learning 8 months later the impact of that hacking).

Case studies are an awesome tool for any blogger with a product or business to showcase their expertise.

If you find you are writing a lot of content but not converting any of it into customers, you need to start looking at case studies on your blog.

In my post here: I outline the things that are needed for a good case study.

You need the following components:

  • The backstory
  • The situation
  • The challenges
  • What you did
  • The call to action

So long as your case study has these elements you should be fine. I say should be because each industry or niche is different, and you should do a little research to see if there is anything your particular industry responds well too.

Because I share blog-related social media, my case study today is going to be about the winning pins on Pinterest.

So, without further ado I present to you the case studies on Pinterest.

Food & Drink Pinterest Case Studies

Food and drink is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. People love sharing the amazing foods they’ve cooked, as well as the amazing foods that they want to try. Photos that tend to do well in the Food and Drink section tend to look so good that you can almost taste the food, given credence to the saying “you eat with your eyes”.

Many of the foods that do well involve quite a bit of creativity. They take an old concept that people are used to, then add something completely new. Let’s take a look at some examples and examine why they were successful.

#1 – The Most Popular Picture, Ever

The most popular picture in the Food & Drink section is the garlic cheesy bread photo. Most people love the taste of garlic bread. Most people like cheese. The photo is taken at an active moment, just when you can see the cheese strings and when the bread is tearing.

But what really made this photo popular was – Get this – Its popularity. At a certain point, it just kept getting more repins simply because it was famous. It has over 103,000 repins, beating its closest competitor by more than 28,000 repins.

pinterest case study garlic bread


#2 – Simple Recipes

This recipe for a simple summer drink did spectacularly well. It got over 50,000 pins. People commenting really loved how simple it was to make, as well as how great it tasted. The photo also really brings out the multi-flavored nature of the drink.

Sometimes complex recipes really can work against you. If you can give someone an amazing food or drink and make it easy, it can really take off.

pinterest case study images 2


#3 – Fruit Ice Lollies

Who wouldn’t love these fruit ice lollies? (fruit popsicles to my US friends).  The photo really showcases how much fruit is in these lollies. Looking at the shot, you can’t help but imagine how great these would taste, especially on a hot summer day. This pin has nearly 7,000 likes and over 50,000 repins.

pinterest case study images 3

pinterest case study images 3


#4: No Bake Oreo Cake

This cake is made with zero baking. It looks fantastic on camera, almost like an iceberg. But what really made this photo take off was, again, how simple the recipe is.

People often think cakes are really hard to make. This cake certainly isn’t. Just mix all these ingredients together. Making hard things easy for people is a great way to gain popularity. This cake got over 6,500 likes and 150 comments!

pinterest case study images 4

pinterest case study images 4

#5 – Moscato Wine and Raspberry Lemonade

The photography on this photo is nice. But a nice touch – intentional or not – was the swirling of the ice. This aspect contributed to turning the photo from an average one to a superb one. When you factor in the colors, you’ll see why this pin is netting it over 50,000 repins.


pinterest case study images 6


 #6 – Chocolate Fruit Cones

These are ice cream cones coated with chocolate on the inside and filled with fruits. The multi-colored nature of the photo certainly helped its popularity, though it’s also important to note that the Pinterest user who posted it had quite a few followers. This photo got over 40,000 repins.

pinterest case study images 6

pinterest case study images 9


#7 – Chocolate Carmelitas

This is a great example of a photo that you can just about taste. Any cookie or chocolate fan looking at this photo is guaranteed to have a mouth that’s watering. With over 5,500 likes, this photo really showcases the power of photography and food. Notice how they got the chocolate, the caramel and the cookie all clearly in the shot.




#8 – Strawberry Yogurt

There are three things that work really well with this pin:

1)    The photography is great. The contrast between the red and the white really makes the strawberries stand out. They look crunchy, even if the reader has no way of knowing what its texture is really like.

2)    It’s practical. People can easily replicate this at home.

3)    They gave alternatives, such as using grapes or bananas.

This pin got over 35,000 repins and around 100 comments.




 #9 – Baked Smores

A lot of people have fond childhood memories of baking smores over campfires as a kid. This photo evokes those feelings splendidly. These baked smores with chocolate are hard not to love.

The photographer deliberately chose to shoot a smore with a teardrop-like shaped chocolate on top. Notice how some of the other smores have flatter tops, but the one showcased has a little more class.

pinterest case study images 9

#10 – Pigs in blankets 

(or Bacon smokies in the US).

Now for something completely different, let’s look at something much more juicy, tangy and salty. Looking at this photo, you can easily tell how fattening and yummy this dish is.

This photo has over 32, 000 repins.

pigs in blankets

These images are some of the most successful pins on Pinterest, as well as being in the Food & Drink category.

Use some of these principles to help make your own pins more successful. And keep on pinning!

Happy Pinning

Sarah Arrow

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