Pinterest: 7 ways to Gain Exposure, Explode Traffic & Generate Sales

You already have a Pinterest account set up, you know the basics of how to create boards and add pins to your various boards, but you want to really leverage Pinterest (and all it has to offer) to drive traffic to your website, increasing your business’ exposure and ultimately gaining more business. If this sounds like where you are with your Pinterest strategy and pinning ability then this post is for you.Winning with Pinning

It’s time to go to the next level and prepare an awesome Pinterest marketing strategy.

I’m going to share with you 7 ways to gain exposure, explode traffic & generate sales

Some of my tips will take a few minutes and some will take longer, so if you are serious about boosting your credibility on Pinterest and leveraging it for your business you need to book some pinning time in your diary.

Create Informative Infographics

Your infographic doesn’t have to be super intricate. Simple is often best. It can be as effective as using a simple meme that gets your message across. Creating visual content that educates, engages and even provokes your audience can be very useful to getting more traffic. Infographics are shared a lot and can become viral if you give it thought as you create it. It will also generate organic links back to your blog as Pinners use the infographic on their blog and link back to your blog & Pin.

Tools for creating infographics are everywhere:

For something different and not over-saturated you might like Dippity – a timeline graphic creation tool or Timeline JS where you can import multimedia into your timeline.

You can also use powerpoint to create simple and effective flow charts. These are excellent ways to demonstrate your capability and knowledge to your target marketplace.

If you need data for your infographics and timelines then you might like these posts:

Freebies Work With Pinterest

Link your pin to something free. It could be a free report, an informative video, an app, a free sample of a more in-depth tutorial, or whatever you desire that your target audience will find valuable. Remember to require an email optin to get the free gift or social share to get the item. Personally I’d use a content locker over an optin as it’s much faster and drives you even more traffic.

Need a content locker? check out this post – What is a content locker and do I need one?

Brains Over Beauty

Even if your pins aren’t the most graphically pleasing to the eye, if they are educational and resourceful people will re-pin it and share it with others enabling you to reach your target audience with ease. Tutorials some of the most shared and clicked pins on Pinterest. Yes, a lot of what you see on Pinterest is beautiful, but don’t overlook the value of sharing your brains too.

Pins are Bread Crumbs

Remember that all the information you want to impart does not need to be on the pin. The pin is the trail of breadcrumbs you’re leaving to others to entice them to click-through to see the rest of what you’re offering. Provide the “tease” so that the pinner clicks through.

Keywords Still Count

Even on Pinterest, what’s current within your niche and keywords still matter. It’s truly not that much different from any other type of content you use to promote your business. Ensure that you are using keywords in your board names captions, descriptions, and in your website link. You should also use hashtags. Educate yourself about your target audience so that you know what keywords and current events will attract them and engage them.

Tools for Keyword Research

As with everything related to keywords if it does not sound natural then don’t use it.

Engage With Others

Pinterest is social media, therefore it’s important to be social.

  • Comment on other pins,
  • like other people’s pins,
  • and follow people who follow you.
  • Promote your Pinterest on your other social media accounts too
  • and make it easy for other to pin your content by adding a “pin it” button to your websites, blogs, and even your sales pages.

Edit Your Pins

After you upload a new pin from your computer, be sure to go back and edit it to add a link to the rest of the content that you want to promote. If you don’t do this, then if people click on your pin they will go nowhere. Another option is to use the “pin it” buttons on your own website to pin an item to various boards on your Pinterest account.

If you follow these guidelines and dedicate a few minutes a day to pinning and creating pin-worthy content you’ll be certain to explode your traffic, get more exposure, and ultimately generate more sales for you business.


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Sarah Arrow

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  1. HI Sarah! I have been using pinterest for a while now and do have quite a few followers but I really have no idea what I was doing with this site other than sharing my pics.. Thanks for clarifying this for me this morning.. Chery :)

  2. I have to admit that I didn’t really get all that into Pinterest. Sure I heard all the stories on how people are pulling all kinds of traffic to their sites from there. But I really never thought of it as a good traffic source for a “make money online” type of site. I still go in and pin my pictures every once in a while. But no real interaction. Maybe I need to rethink that and try to figure out a way to get my markets more excited on the site.

    • Pinterest is easy for bloggers that include terrific images. I admit I struggle with the right images, but when it comes to infographics… well… that’s a different story :)

  3. Hi Sarah,
    this is such an awesome post!
    Not only have you packed a whole lot of useful information into it, you also provided some great links for tools to ‘play’ with.

    After reading this I feel excited to put this into practice.
    Do you really do your ‘pinning’ in just a few minutes a day?

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Sarah,
    Everytime I come here I learn something. Now, I had no idea I could make my own infogram… dah. LOL! That’s exciting! I am going to explore it more. I see it as a really useful educational tool.. thanks you for writing about this …

    • Hi Lesley, I have the same feeling when I listen to your radio show :). I think infographics will work tremendously well for you and I look forward to see the ones you produce :)

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for this informative article. WOW ! A lot of content and links to explore. One very interesting idea is to create infographics. Excellent tool and very trendy. You can link your infographics to a freebie and get subscribers. Good point. I’ll try this. What is really difficult with Pinterest? Engagement. I use the following tactic: every time a somebody repins or likes a pin of mine, I make a comment on that pin. This ensures my name stays high on the row of likes, repins and comments.
    Another way is to try to become a member of a pinterest group. However, groups can be very disappointing, sometimes.

    • Hi Silviu, like you I’ve found Pinterest groups somewhat disappointing. They start enthusiastically and then grind to a halt. However, if you want to team up with me and we try it together, I’m open to a Pin Club :)

  6. Fascinating, love those links to infographics creators – as getting to grips with Pinterest properly for Saros is very much on my radar at present. So many exciting potential directions, so few hours in the week..!

    • Oh yes, so few hours in the week! I think with your consumer research stuff you will make a killing over on Pinterest with infographics.

  7. I use Pinterest but I must confess that I have never really spent much time on it. I only signed up for it since I’m on other social networking sites.

    Thanks for this comprehensive write-up on Pinterest traffic

  8. Thanks for the infographic info. It’s something I haven’t done yet, but would like to. I’ll check out Piktochart and Dippity. What is it about Piktochart that makes it your favorite, Sarah?

    • Hi Leanne, I think it’s the drag and drop ease of use that makes me love Piktochart. I have upgraded account and I can access extra themes and images and that makes things easier too

  9. Hey Sarah,
    I’ve recently been creating my own infographics with poer pointt. It’s a creative outlet for me, easy to use too. Thanks for the tips :-)

  10. Sarah
    I heard pinterest supplies more visitors to sites than others social site like Reddit, Google Plus and LinkedIn. But as I am new pinterest user and don’t identify how to get more traffic, I searched and came hear to learn. Thanks for explain in a great way.

    • Hi Somon, yes Pinterest does send a huge amount of traffic when you use good, strong images. Like all social networks it’s also about networking too, so remember to re-pin others too :)


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