#Pinterest: the small biz marketing kit

Marketing on Pinterest is not only great fun, but a terrific way to increase brand awareness, makes sales and grow your audience.

This image and the stats in this post are from the SocialSkinny.com

I’ve put together one of my fab marketing kits (more about this at the end of the post) to help you get more of these things from Pinterest but first we need to talk about why Pinterest and why you should be part of the community.

Some Pinteresting Stats:

Pinterest users spend an average of 16 minutes on the site, per visit. Let’s compare that to Facebook (established since 2006) where the average U.S user spends 20 minutes 46 seconds per day. Pinterest users are known to visit the site several times a day.

  • 50% of Pinterest users have children
  • Almost 70% of Pinterest users are female
  • 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women!
If you are male and reading this and shaking your head at the same time, I’d like you  to have a little think… women may not be your ideal customer, but they influence your ideal customer. What was the last thing you purchased without the influence of the women in your life? Your socks? Your underwear? If you write-off Pinterest as your ideal customer is male, then to put it simply – you deserve to miss out on all the exposure and increased sales that marketing to women brings.
  •  28% of users are between the ages of 35-44
  • 27% are between 25-34

If your ideal customer is of a certain age, Pinterest maybe the social platform to use. 59% of Pinterest users have purchased an item they’ve seen on the site, 33% of Facebook users have purchased an item they saw on their news feed or a friend’s wall. If you want to increase sales, where should you promote your items? The answer is always – where your ideal customer is. If your ideal customer is on Facebook, interacting with pages and chatting in groups, that’s where you should be. And if she’s pinning and sharing fabulous products you should be there becoming friends with her.

Spend your time creating your boards and optimizing your pins, and expanding your reach rather than sharing sexy images on your Facebook page. Time is a precious resource, spend it where you will make the most sales.

28.1% of Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100k. Perfect for those selling items at the upper end of the market. The site has grown from 10 million total visits to 17 million since start of 2012. If you are not Pinning you are missing out on some serious traffic to your website and brilliant relationships with other Pinners and potential customers.

The Small Biz Marketing Kit for Pinners

When I create an ebook I like to add checklists and other tools to help you get the most from the guide, after all what good is knowledge if it’s not put into action? The Small Biz Marketing Kit for Pinners is different, there is no ebook, there is a guide instead. The chances are if you are reading this post you are already on Pinterest and are looking to get more from it, you don’t need an ebook, but you’d like the toolkit to help you laser focus and get great results.

The Small Biz Marketing Kit for Pinners contains

  • A 2-part Pinterest marketing worksheet – helping you target the right customer with the right content
  • Brainstorming worksheet – overcome the inertia of what should I pin
  • One of my fab checklists – print and keep beside your PC
  • A sheet of useful resources
  • An 11 page guide showing you how to pull it altogether
  • A 2 week Pinterest campaign calendar – guiding you what to do each day of your marketing campaign


Just £9.99 for 6 documents that will enable you to get more from your Pin Marketing.


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Sarah Arrow

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    Great job! Putting together a kit, especially on Pinterest is a wonderful way to market. Each social site has it’s own stats, and different ways to market. According to your Pinterest stats and research, it seems to me that It is a great place to make connections with other women who want or are in business.


    • Hi Donna, Pinterest is a great place to make those kinds of connections :) It makes marketing fun.
      I follow your boards and know you pin some really useful stuff, is it working out well for you?

  2. Sahra,

    haha, I like your writing. Pinterest is huge as I have found out. I have heard the infographics do really well on Pinterest. It stimulates the visual crowd which is this site is solely based around? Am I wrong. I share pics of lizards because they are visual and awesome! My site has nothing to do with lizards though! Not to mention stuff on blogging too, but a sucker for lizards. I know you probably think ewwwwk!


  3. Hi Sarah,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I am sure many people said Facebook was just for kids and regretted not using it as a marketing tool earlier. My thought is Pinterest is the same, if we are using it we see the opportunity’s and how we can use it to give value to our customers. I have noticed there are people here in Ireland who still are not aware of it. Yesterday I was doing business with a graphic designer and printer and neither had heard of Pinterest. I do enjoy your update and getting the feedback from your part of the world . take care Rosemary

  4. I see that Pinterest have now launched Pinterest for Buisness pages, have you opened out yet Sarah? It’s possible to convert from current personal account to a business account for those people who have been using their account mostly for business postings. I have not open a business account yet :)

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I have been playing on Pinterest for awhile now. I have lots of boards about things that interest me, such as animals and incredible places around the world. And I also have my Kindle books,many of my articles and blog posts. It is certainly not all business or sales for me yet it is providing connections with people which enhances my other connections.

    That is awesome that you have created a guidebook on how to market using Pinterest.

    I could not find you to connect on Pinterest.


    Dr. Erica

    • I don’t see a “Follow me on Pinterest” button on your blog.


  6. Wow…didn’t realize the stats on Pinterest. Since women are great networkers and who do excellent in my business, I’ll definitely be signing up for this.



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