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Planning your podcast marketing strategy

podcasting tips 3Podcasting has some great benefits for growing your business, but before you jump into equipment and the technical side of things, we need to take a look at the strategic side of podcast shows.

Do you need a podcast marketing strategy?

Yes, yes you do. It fits into your overall marketing strategy and shares common goals with your marketing plan. Your podcast strategy should not be at odds with your business goals.

Some questions to ask yourself when it comes to your podcast marketing plan:-

  • How will I attract new listeners?
  • How will I promote this podcast? on my blog? social media?
  • How will I monetize it?
  • Where do your guide your audience if they want to discuss more?
  • What do your audience want to discuss deeper on your industry?
  • Who do they respect and want to hear from?

You need to also decide on what show format your podcast will have:

  • Interviews (a free interview tips download available here)
  • How-To Shows
  • Talk back – people call in like a radio show
  • Conversational shows – two people talking / debating aspects of a topic
  • Product Training
  • Reviews – industry books, guides, products and magazines
  • Product promotion
  • Entertaining/comedy
  • Quick tips
  • Discussion Groups / panels
  • Charity/causes based

Once you’ve decided on the format of your podcast show you then need to decide the following

  • The length of the show?
  • Will you have music intros?
  • Will it be audio or video?
  • What will be the topic of your show?
  • Who is your intended audience, what do they want to hear more about?
  • Will the show be scripted, or go with the flow?
  • Will you read existing content and ad lib?
  • Will you have commercials?
  • Are there show sponsors to promote?
  • Do you have a co-host in mind?
  • Will your promote something special from a show?

Content for your show can be easily sourced from your blog or websites – what are the most popular search terms you are found for? What content gets the most social shares and interaction? This is the content that you need for your podcast as it’s what your audience is interested in.

It has been said that it’s hard to make money with a podcast show and if you talk about something that your audience isn’t interested in then yes, you will struggle. If you keep your marketing strategy focused, over time, opportunities will appear so that your podcast shows  can be monetised. A lot of monetisation opportunities depend on your niche, your industry and your audience. If you think for a moment on how radio shows are monetised you’ll get some ideas, but in case you’re struggling here are some that could work for you:

  •  Selling back copies of your podcast show (no longer available on iTunes)
  • Giving Part One Free – then selling future episodes
  • Sponsorships from suppliers or online service providers
  • Selling your own products or services
  • Sell other people’s products (as an affiliate)
  • Donations
  • In show advertising and promotion
  • Affiliate links embedded for Amazon etc

Traffic from your podcast show to your blog

The benefit of a podcast can include that it draws attention to your blog and your business, from people who may not usually find you. If you blog for income, then the more traffic to your blog, the better and a podcast show will not only help you in the search engines, but help you keep people on your site for longer.

Create incentives to drive traffic to your blog when you are recording your show:

  • Offer special downloadables
  • Have product giveaways
  • Give out discount coupon codes
  • Promote special freebies (for your podcast listeners)
  • Run “Limited Time Offers”
  • Put up unique “how-to” videos

Once you’ve decided on what you are going to use to drive traffic back to your blog, the next step is to incorporate it into your show. Always mention your product in your podcast, at the beginning and at the end of each show. You might like to say something like – “This podcast is sponsored by xxxx blog, at stop by and subscribe”. You can giveaway a product on your podcast and send the listeners to an exclusive download page. Your show may be dedicated to your product, so every now and then it would be good to invite power-users onto the show so they can share. This can then be transcribed and partially shared on your blog – giving your power-user twice the exposure.

Your podcast marketing strategy:

Now you’ve thought and made note on all the above, it’s time to create your podcast strategy. It doesn’t have to be a huge document, but a strong outline of where you are and where you are going with your podcast show.

Good luck and please share your podcast marketing strategy tips in the comments


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