When creating a blog it’s important to know the objectives that you have before starting out.

  • A WordPress website created just for your needs
  • Fully customised for your business
  • Branded to match your main website (if you have one)

Each WordPress Website is different and it’s aims and purpose for each business can be unique.

Each WordPress website is set up on a rock-solid framework. It makes it harder to hack and contains strong, clean code. The code although deadly boring, is important. Bad code means your  website will be slow to load, easy to break and exposed to all kinds of things that it shouldn’t be. Malware in your code can lead to Google and other search engines “sandboxing” your site.

Your blog will be optimised for SEO, so’ll need to know your keywords. You will be supported in getting the best from your blog – videos that you can refer back to that will show you how to use the SEO settings, how to add an image, how to embed a video etc.

As you all need different things from your blog, I will show the most common ones here.

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Existing WordPress site, theme makeover Lead generating

The Lead Generating tools screen shot shows how it actually looks on screen, you will see the same “pop-up” in action here on this site. The site is “greyed” out and your reader is invited to subscribe to your newsletter. This form of data capture works very well with an offer. The offer is an incentive not a “please buy me now” note. It’s the regular updates to the newsletter email list that will help you drive sales – but only if you send useful information.

Featured posts, magazine style blog

Some people are more visual than others and a magazine style blog gives you the best of both worlds. Images to appeal and text to engage. This style of blog site is social media ready so when I hand you “the keys” all you have to do is authenticate your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Already got your graphics?  brilliant (although I can recommend some fab ones if you don’t know any). Rosa Lingerie has a custom designed header and background that co-ordinates with their leaflets and offline material for greater brand consistency.

Custom headers and backgrounds


All the sites and software are easy to update, so after installation if you don’t want a retainer package for updating etc then you can do it all yourself. These are ideal for small business websites, websites that need refreshing and the software that the sites are built on can be used over and over and over again!

The basic blog set up including consultation and one months aftercare is just £350. Hosting is included but each subsequent year is£25.

Social Media management (Twitter / Facebook ) starts at £300 a month for existing Twitter users with £75 account set up fee to new users. This includes sharing your industry related news, attracting the right followers (usually laser targeted for the area you are in) and RT’ing local people to start building relationships for business.  Approx 150 tweets per month (that’s 6+ a day Monday to Friday).

If you just need holiday cover for your social media accounts that’s available atT£100 per week (Twitter / Facebook / Blog promotion)

Blog post promotion.

Need help getting your message to the masses? From guest posting to bookmarking to driving comments prices start at £75 per post. Sound a lot? It’s a huge amount of work to drive traffic back to your site when you don’t know what you are doing or have the right connections to help you. Done the right way you will generate links and subscribers.

Blog content

You have a blog already or you are frightened to do the writing part, or you don’t have the time to research your articles and post them then I can help with that too. I only have one package here and that’s 30 articles for £1000, each article is optimised for the search engines, comes with royalty free images and will have links built back to the post itself. This is a huge amount of work, the research can take 2/3 weeks and then the writing starts.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you would like for your business then please contact us on 0800 917 7084 and ask for Kevin