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Replacing Feedburner

FeedBurner was one of my favourite Google tools, and the only external feed service that I’ve used since 2007. For the last year there have been murmurs that Google is planning to cull the service, the support help for the site non-existent, and this week the death of Feedburner has been confirmed. 

That means if you are using FeedBurner now is the time to replace it.

I’ve been looking around at the options and I have to be honest: I don’t really want to put my feed in the hands of a third-party application again, so here are the options as I see them

1. FeedBlitz (3rd party application)

2.Bring My Blog Visitors Back (plugin on your own WordPress self-hosted site)

3. Aweber (email feed through blog broadcast).


FeedBlitz has been getting a lot of positive  publicity lately and bloggers are moving over to Feedblitz with ease. The support from FeedBlitz is excellent (a nice bonus after if you’ve ever wrestled with a FeedBurner issue), and they have a guide on how to migrate your feed from FeedBurner across to them.

FeedBlitz isn’t free but it’s very low cost from $1.50 / £1 per month depending on the amount of subscribers you have. It’s easily integrated with affiliate marketing and you can email your subscribers with updates outside of blog posts, which is always handy if you have more feed subscribers than those on your email list.

There are social sharing options available for your feed with FeedBlitz, more than what FeedBurner gave you and on the whole this looks like a really good option for 99% of people who blog. Over at FBBB where I am a regular contributor, there’s a post you can check out about moving to FeedBlitz.

Bring My Blog Visitors Back

Bring My Blog  Visitors Back is something I’ve been playing with for a few weeks, and the chances are if you are reading this by RSS feed you are seeing it in action. Bring My Blog Visitors Back is something that prettifies your RSS feed and builds in social sharing options. I chose it as I wanted my feed under my management again. If you are not familiar with HTML then this plugin is very easy to use – it’s an easy install and tick the boxes.

Again social sharing from your feed is enabled, and Bring my Visitors Back is easily branded with your own custom header, related post options, copyright notice and comments. You can even highlight the first person to comment on your post, which is a nice way of rewarding the people that stop by and comment on your blog.

Right now, I see the footer section being used to let people know that FeedBurner is going, and if they wish to continue reading they need to re-subscribe.

 Aweber Blog Broadcast

If you are using Aweber and are a current client of mine, this will be set up for you already. Every three blog posts will trigger an email sent to your subscriber list. It doesn’t replace your feed (Aweber, you are missing a trick here) but it does enable to you to keep in touch with your subscribers better via email. I prefer email over RSS feed, there’s something nicer about it in my mind.

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications

What Am I replacing FeedBurner with?

Right now I’m using a combination of Bring My Blog Visitors back and Aweber. I still remember vividly the days of wrestling with FeedBurner trying to do the simplest of things, to hand over my feed again.




PS I’ve put together a quick guide on using the Aweber Blog Broadcast feature, if you share this post with one of the share buttons in the green box you can grab a free copy.

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