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Should I choose Facebook or a blog for my online business?

Would you want to build a business on someone else’s property?

Social Media is all about User Generated Content. Social Media platforms such as Facebook encourage you to share your content and interact with others in groups, on pages and on status updates. It can be as simple as a like, or as much as a video uploaded and shared.

Blogs are social media sites too.

But before I expand on that, let’s go off on a tangent :)

Imagine you have a home, a rental home. You have a nice, congenial landlord and although your home is different and not entirely to your liking, the rent is low and all your family and friends are nearby. You decide to redecorate your rental home and you replace the curtains, the wallpaper and the carpets. And it looks terrific and it adds value to the property. You feel much happier and content, and invite all your neighbours to take a look. But your landlord is not happy, sure he said you could redecorate but he doesn’t like the colour scheme, and he tells you to take it down. And you take it down, after all the rent is cheap and he’s usually so congenial…

Let’s imagine a different scenario. You own a house, you pay your mortgage to the bank. You redecorate and the house looks good. The bank is pleased, it adds value to the property and when you sell it, they’ll get their mortgage repaid and you’ll have some cash over.

A rental home is Facebook and a mortgaged home is your blog.

You can pretty much do anything you like on your blog, it’s your online property after all. But you cannot do *anything* with Facebook. Facebook has different rules, and although you create the content and the conversation, you are not the boss. At any point Facebook can change the rules, and they do.

Your header on your blog can have anything you want on it. Sure, Google might not like the advertising in it, but Google isn’t the only search engine out there (although it may feel like it at times). Facebook doesn’t want you advertising on your Fan Page’s cover image, it wants beautiful images but no call to actions like “Like this page”. And if you don’t do as requested you can have your cover image taken down.

Yes, there may be almost a billion users on Facebook, but you need to own your own online home.

Sure, build an audience on Facebook or any other social media platform but make sure you have your own online home in case you get into trouble or inadvertently break one of the rules. You can share your blog almost anywhere, including Facebook Fan Pages, and of course the next social media shiny place. It’s flexible and adaptable, and whilst you may not have a billion users, you’ll still be found long after Facebook is forgotten.


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