Social Media Marketing Campaigns vs Social Media Activity

planetUsing social media to promote your business is rarely effective without some type of organized, purpose-filled strategy. Short term, sling enough mud and hope it sticks type of  approaches just use up valuable time. You need to make social media a specific part of your marketing plans by designing long-term social media campaigns with firm goals.

Here are a few tips for running a social media campaign that will be effective at impacting the success of your business. Try them and compare your outcomes to just social media activity.

Set short and long range social media goals

What do you want to accomplish with your social media marketing? Each social network can help you achieve different goals, so it’s important to any business to identify these goals before you move onto the next stage. You should have separate goals for the short term and long term.

When you set your goals, make sure they are measurable in terms of the return on your investment (ROI). A social media campaign isn’t about gaining a certain number of followers on Twitter – that’s just social media activity. Goals should involve metrics around building your business, such as the number of people who visit your site from your Twitter links and then go on to subscribe.

Different platforms can have different goals, for example you may use Facebook for visibility and promotion of your existing content. LinkedIn may be about demonstrating your expertise and peer reviews.

Choose the right network for your needs

Just because everyone else in the world is focusing on building a Facebook page it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best place for achieving your business goals. In fact, I’d run a mile from people only advocating one site. Unless it was blogging of course ;) Look at the strengths and weaknesses of each social network and decide which one to concentrate on. Your customers may not even be hanging out on Facebook, and if they’re not, what are you hoping to achieve by being there? The ultimate deciding factor of whether or not your should use a social media channel is whether your ideal prospects are there and are active.

Use dedicated social media management tools for tracking the results you get from each network. Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which is giving you the best bang for your buck. Be sure to measure the time you are spending on each one as part of your tracking efforts. After all time is money, and if you are tweeting away all day with no return… well, you know what you have to do.

Assign responsibility for social media management

I once spent 12 weeks working for a  big shot marketing coach. Each day they would change their focus and who was responsible for what.  At the end of the 12 weeks we’d achieved very little and what we did achieve was down to the social media team pulling in favours from their friends…

Make it clear who is responsible for what network and what part of your campaign and don’t keep changing it. Research from recruiters show that the fastest way to hack an employee off is to constantly change their role and responsibilities.

If you are part of a large company, you may have multiple people responsible for your social media. Each person needs to know what the other is doing as part of your overall strategy, the fastest way to derail any social media campaign is to keep your team in the dark.

At the same time, you should always be keeping abreast of new developments in the field of social media and on each network and seeing if they will help achieve your business goals. This shouldn’t displace the work on your social media campaigns.

Create a blueprint of your strategy

An effective social media campaign requires a clear map that details every step. Lay out your goals and strategy first. Determine the key measures you will use along with the different phases of the campaign.

  • What are the exact steps that need to be implemented?
  • What content will you need?
  • Set up your timeline and share the entire blueprint with everyone involved.

Social media may have started out as a fun way to share great content with your friends, but it is now a powerful marketing tool that should be treated as such. While it can still be confusing for businesses that have relied on traditional marketing in the past, using social media to successfully promote your business doesn’t have to be any more complicated.

Just use the same structured approach  for your social media campaign as you would use for any marketing campaign. After all, a campaign works better for your business than just generating social media activity.

Sarah Arrow
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  1. Hey Sarah,

    I have found that it’s good to master one social network and then move onto another one. Often people get stuck and try to take on to much work. I have found being personal with people is one of the best tips I can think of. If I was to busy to manage my social media profiles I would rather higher someone who freelances and not go through a big company. Lastly, the best thing is to not come off as a spammer people do this all the time. Today I got 2 friend request from attractive girls. Upon, talking further with them I started to realize they were probably dudes in India, because they had poor grammer and just wanted links from my website…lol. People surprise me sometimes!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    So true social media is a business and like all forms of marketing one needs to have a plan to get the results. Your point about using the right social media platforms is so true. Are you selling to business or consumers.

    Many thanks for sharing your expertise .

    Take care Rosemary


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