How to be a socially successful business

blogger 300x287 Social Media Marketing TrainingWhen it comes to social media training for business, we wrote the book. Yep, Zero to Social Media Marketing Success (How to be an online marketing success no matter what your business).

We can come to your venue or meet online and discuss your business, your target market and your social media weapons of choice.

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Niche social networks

We’ll put together a plan, and we’ll build you a profile of the main social media sites, as well as the sites where your ideal customer hangs out. We’ll show you how to use the platforms to interact with your ideal customer and we’ll talk about they types of content that get the best response.

This can be a half day training session or it can be a whole day training session. What works best is the social media overview training in the morning, where we discuss profiles of social media sites and then in the afternoon we look at targeting your ideal customers using just 3 social media platforms.

This training is¬†interactive, you’ll be provided with worksheets to download prior to training day so that the day can be spent learning, sharing and completing a workbook so that as much knowledge as possible is retained, and your business gains maximum benefit.

Due to the intense nature social media marketing training, we can train no more than ten people at a time. This ensures that every person attending gets personal attention for anything they don’t understand and that everyone leaves bubbling with ideas and creativity.

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 Social Media Marketing Training
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 Social Media Marketing Training