10 Ways to Drive Traffic via Social Media [infographic]

Want more traffic from social media? Of course you do! It’s possibly one of the reasons you opened your Twitter or LinkedIn account in the first place.

You’re a smart entrepreneur, you know that building your following on just one site leaves you in a vulnerable position, but how do you use social media to drive traffic back to your website?

This infographic shares 10 ways to get more traffic from social media back to your website.

Social Media traffic Infographic

Remember, once your follower visits your website to have an optin / special offer to start building a relationship with them. If you target your followers correctly this will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

To get better results consider using a tailored landing page to encourage your followers to sign up.


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Sarah Arrow

Blogging an issue for you? Social media not quite working how it should be?That's okay I understand. I started blogging back in 2006 and grew into a kick-ass blog coach as well as creator of Birds on the Blog (listed 3 times by Forbes as a top 100 website for women), I'm frequently listed as both a top content marketing expert and as an influential marketer.
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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes there are tips that others just don’t know about. 6, 7 and 8 I will have to work on. I’ve never used infographics yet.

    Have a great day. Monna

  2. Hello Sarah,

    Nice post… I usually share my blog post on my fb page with some hashes & images to get traffic on my blog. But with these tips, I will surely increase my traffic and readers engagement…. Thanks for this wonderful article :)

  3. Sarah,

    The hardest thing I see over and over are people fail to interact with each other. Those who follow-up and interact with others no matter where they may be will have the traffic they desire. You will find that people will start wanting to follow you around and see what amazing things you can expose them to.

    Thank you Sarah for this share and it will awaken lots of us who just needed to have clarity on interaction.


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